The Real Dragon Chapter 4937

        At Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, people in the same cell usually settle their disputes in their cells, but people in different cells can only have the opportunity to fight in the playground when they are released.

        The reason why Elaine could become the Bedford Hills Ghostly Witness was because she used to let Chen Zitong and the others teach the other cells a lesson almost every day when she was on release, and after she had taught all the other cell heads a lesson, she naturally became the big sister of the whole Bedford Hills Correctional Institution.

        However, this also meant that she had already made numerous enemies at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

        Now that she had lost her shelter, she might be beaten to death later on when she let the wind out.

        Elaine’s heart was already overwhelmed with despair, fearing that her 100-odd pounds would be accounted for here today.

        Following the large group to the restaurant, the entire inmates of the restaurant knew that Elaine had lost her backer.

        For a while, many of them looked at her with hostility, and many of them could not wait to come up and beat her up right now.

        Those who usually followed Elaine’s side were now distant from her. In the past, when she came to the restaurant to eat, there were people who carried her plates, but now there was no one who dared to sit with her.

        Many people were looking at Elaine to see if she still had any support, and Elaine knew that it was very important for her to find a group to integrate into, and if someone was willing to help her out at this time, she might be able to have a little more security.

        With her plate in hand, Elaine looked around for a long time and saw some Chinese compatriots who had been very fawning over her earlier.

        These Chinese compatriots were living in the cell next door to Elaine.

        One day, after they had become the Bedford Hills Ghosts, they approached Elaine on a day off and said in tears that there was an American cellmate in their cell who was always bullying them and they hoped that Elaine could help them out for the sake of their compatriots so that they would stop bullying them.

        In order to get Elaine to help, they even knelt in a row in front of Elaine in unison when they begged him for help.

        Elaine was at an extremely inflated stage at the time, and seeing that the other party was treating her so respectfully and that her compatriots were being bullied, she immediately agreed to do so with alacrity.

        She directly asked Chen Zitong, the three of them, to beat up that American cell head so violently during the release that the American cell head is still lying in the infirmary.

        And these few Chinese compatriots, because they had Elaine’s shelter in their cell, surprisingly turned straight into the new boss.

        Ever since then, these few people would gather around Elaine every day when they were eating and letting off steam, and they would really be as respectful as they could be.

        So, at the moment, Elaine thought to herself that since the other party owed her a big favour, she had to lend a hand and help herself at this time, or at least make sure she didn’t get beaten up while she was letting off steam.

        So, with her plate in hand, she took a step towards them.

        However, when she reached the other couple and was about to sit on an empty seat next to them, one of them immediately put his leg on the empty seat and said with a cold face, “There’s someone here!”

        Elaine subconsciously said, “Xiao Zhang, isn’t this empty?”

        As she said that, she hurriedly said to the man, “Xiao Zhang, for the sake of helping you guys before, I beg you to help me this time, as long as you can protect me and let me go to the playground to make a phone call to my son-in-law later!”

        The woman called Xiao Zhang grunted and suddenly stood up, Elaine thought that the other woman was going to let her sit down and was about to say thank you, but she suddenly grabbed the plate from her hand and threw it into the rubbish bin next to her.

        Just as Elaine was surprised and wanted to ask why she did that, Zhang said coldly, “Elaine, I’ve seen you in a bad light for a long time, because you have a few capable fighters to cover you, you’re so f*cking floating, and you’re still talking about your sister. Get the hell out of my way!”