The Real Dragon Chapter 4938

Elaine never dreamed that the man who had wagged his tail in front of him and later followed him with respect and deference would now turn into this kind of face.

        She was so angry that she blurted out, “Zhang, we can’t be so heartless, can we? Now when I need your help, you tell me to get as far away as possible, do you still have a conscience?”

        The woman called Xiao Zhang gave Elaine a somewhat ugly look and said in a cold voice, “You don’t want to give up your face, do you? Don’t blame me for being rude to you if you don’t get lost!”

        Elaine was very indignant in her heart and couldn’t help but grit her teeth, “You want to be rude to me, I’ve helped you so much, do you still want to beat me?!”

        This angry rebuke from Elaine sparked the attention of many people in the prison.

        Many people knew that these few Chinese female prisoners, who had been following Elaine, so many people who wanted to make a move against Elaine, were also watching how these women behaved, to see if a few of them would cover Elaine or not.

        That Xiao Zhang also saw that the people around her were paying attention to herself.

        She didn’t want these people to think that she would help Elaine out, so with a black face, she flung her hand and gave Elaine a slap on the face, cursing loudly, “D*mn it, what a shame! Get the f*ck out of here! If you don’t get lost, I’ll f*cking smack you!”

        Elaine had never dreamed that this woman who used to cry and beg for help in front of her would raise her hand and slap herself when she needed help the most.

        She covered her face, tears already welling up in her eyes, and choked back a sob as she questioned, “Xiao Zhang, even if you don’t see that I’ve helped you before, you should at least give me a hand for the sake of your fellow countrymen, right? Even if you don’t give me a hand, there’s no need to fall on my sword at this time, right?!”

        Zhang said with some impatience, “Who the hell are you, I have an American pa*sport! Unlike you, you don’t even have a f*cking green card, you’re still on a tourist visa!”

        “You ……” Elaine just felt her whole heart freeze to the core.

        She really didn’t think that the person she had helped would become so vicious!

        Desperate and devastated, Elaine’s tears were like a broken thread, unable to stop flowing down.

        She had thought that she was heartless enough, but she had never expected to meet an existence that was even more shameless than herself.

        It was at this moment that she realised how ridiculous she had been before.

        What Bedford Hill ghosts were nothing more than foxes and tigers.

        And those who had treated themselves with respect before were not really scornful or respectful of themselves at all.

        In the end, he was the real joke.

        Seeing that Elaine was in tears in front of him, Xiao Zhang said viciously, “If you want to cry, go and cry, don’t f*cking cry in front of me, or else I won’t even let you get away with it, not to mention that those Americans will kill you!”

        Elaine was furious, but she could only turn away in silence and hide in a corner of the restaurant.

        A Chinese woman, a few years younger than her, sat in front of her and handed her a fried chicken leg, saying, “You can’t trust anyone in a place like this, especially when you’re out and about.”