The Real Dragon Chapter 4970

        The security situation at the airport is also very procedural, with the entire airport mostly enclosed by iron fencing, with steel razor wire and security surveillance equipment, being the main security measures here.

        The security staff is small and not very active, but in most cases they are in the control room, watching the surveillance and security equipment and attending to any situation as soon as it arises.

        However, the security equipment is becoming more and more advanced, so even without patrols, no one can get past the equipment silently, so there have been few break-ins at the airport.

        Even if the occasional unsuspecting person tries to get inside the airport through the perimeter security measures, they are precisely identified by the security equipment and often the security personnel are alerted as soon as the person approaches, and by the time they arrive, the person is often still on the iron fence, trying to find a way to break through the sharp razor barbed wire.

        So even if an ordinary person tried to infiltrate the airport, there was no chance of success at all.

        Of course, this was before they met Charlie wade.

        To Charlie wade, this kind of three-metre-high iron fence was practically nothing, and he only needed to leap up gently to jump over it while still avoiding the security surveillance equipment on both sides.

        So, daring to do so twenty minutes before the plane landed, Charlie wade easily infiltrated the airport and waited for the Boeing 777 to arrive on the dark side of the runway.

        As it was already after 2am, the whole airport had fallen into silence.

        Charlie wade was wearing a wireless headset and was communicating in real time with Wan Bajun and Li Yalin in the headset.

        At this moment, Wan Bajun told Charlie wade: “Mr. Wade, according to the airport’s incoming and outgoing information, the incoming and outgoing pa*senger flights have ended this evening, and the rest are all cargo flights, and there are only seven cargo planes coming in within the next three hours, with a long time interval, and the next flight to land is the Boeing 777 from Yuantai International Express. “

        Charlie wade responded in a low voice, “Let’s check the information again before the plane lands.”

        “Okay Mr. Wade.”

        Five minutes later, Charlie wade could already see a slow moving dot of light in the southern sky.

        He cross-referenced it with Wan Breaking and according to the flight track, it was undoubtedly the same plane.

        The point of light then grew closer and lower.

        However, that plane adjusted its direction before landing, flying from the south side of the airport to the north side of the airport, and landing against the wind by the north side of the runway fifteen minutes later.

        Charlie wade’s eyes were fixed on the aircraft, seeing it open up its reverse thrust after landing, then quickly reduce its speed to taxiing speed, before it was guided off the track by the guidance vehicle and glided all the way towards the cargo yard on the south side of the airport.

        At the same time, Charlie wade also followed this aircraft all the way, travelling quickly through the darkness.

        A few minutes later, the plane came to a halt on the open apron outside the cargo yard.

        A number of stevedores were already waiting here in advance, driving loading trucks and transporters.

        As soon as the doors of the freighter are opened, they are lifted up to the side of the cabin by means of the lift trucks and, after opening the doors, begin to unload groups of cargo from the cabin, one by one, on pallets.