The Real Dragon Chapter 4993

Putting away the ring, Charlie wade continued to drive on.

        And he also silently reviewed the day’s pa*sage in his mind.

        The eight primus guards were nothing special, but the girl named Lin Wan’er always gave Charlie wade a hazy sense of mystery.

        Although he had used psychological hints on Lin Wan’er and there were no loopholes in what Lin Wan’er said, Charlie wade still had a vague feeling that something was not quite right.

        However, after thinking about it, he could not figure out what was wrong.

        At this time, an image suddenly flashed in his mind.

        It was the desk in front of Lin Wan’er at that time.

        On that desk, there were nine copper coins.

        And those nine bronze coins seemed to be a complex divination trigram.

        Thinking of this, Charlie wade suddenly thought of the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures, about the eight trigrams of the I Ching and divination.

        Among them, in the Six Lines and Eight Trigrams, there is a method of using three copper coins to divine and tell trigrams.

        So, three bronze coins Charlie wade could read, but nine, he was a bit confused.

        After all, it was something that had not even been recorded in the Nine Xuantian Scriptures.

        Thinking of this, he could not help but take out his mobile phone and call Exoer, a feng shui master in the United States.

        Exoer, among the people Charlie wade knew, was one of the strongest in Yijing and Bagua, so Charlie wade intended to ask him for advice on the nine copper coins divination, and what exactly was the path.

        Soon, the phone call came through.

        Due to the time difference, Exoer, who was in Los Angeles, had only just finished his dinner at this time.

        When he received Charlie wade’s call, he was very excited and said respectfully, “Young Master Wade!”

        Charlie wade politely said, “Old Mr. Exoer, I am taking the liberty to disturb you because I have something to ask you.”

        Exoer said, “Young Master Wade, I wouldn’t dare to ask for advice, if you have any questions, just ask me at any time!”

        Charlie wade didn’t bother with formalities and went straight to the point, “Old Mr. Exoer, you have been divining and telling fortunes for many years, have you ever seen anyone use nine copper coins to tell fortunes?”

        “Nine copper coins?” Exoer exclaimed, “If it is the method of six lines and eight trigrams, then even three copper coins, which also contains a lot of information, if you want to quickly and accurately see the trigrams, you need to have a strong memory and mental arithmetic talent, if you use nine copper coins, then every three copper coins for a group, this is three groups of trigrams, and three groups of trigrams each as a whole, and can form a deeper and more detailed trigrams ……”

        “So, if you use nine copper coins, that is to be divided into four groups of trigrams to calculate the trigrams, this amount of arithmetic is equivalent to raising the difficulty of guessing a 2-digit code to 12 digits, this technique is at the top of the I Ching Bagua, there is a nickname called ‘near god trigrams’, that is, those who can calculate this kind of trigrams, their understanding of comprehension of the eight trigrams of the I Ching is already considered to be out of this world.”

        Speaking of this, Exoer sighed again, “However, the Near God Trigram has been lost to this day, I only heard about it from my grandfather when I was very young, but I have never seen anyone who could actually do it.”

        Charlie wade was puzzled, “But I’ve seen someone use nine copper coins to set up a trigram, and that trigram doesn’t look like it was thrown away randomly, could that person really have such a skill?”

        “This ……” Exoer spoke, “I have not seen the trigram you mentioned, so I cannot confirm whether that person really has the skills, but from my experience, it is indeed unlikely, the probability of coincidence is higher.”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade felt even stranger in his heart.

        That Lin Wan’er, the ring that Lin Wan’er gave, and the trigram that that Lin Wan’er posed, all seemed a bit off.

        But if one went by Exoer’s words, it shouldn’t be possible for her, a girl, to master something like the Near Divine Trigram, which wasn’t even recorded in the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing.

        Thinking of this, he could not help but think in his mind, “I wonder what the origin of that Lin Wan’er, her parents and grandfather is? If I have the chance to see her again in the future, I must find a way to find out!”

        With this in mind, he said to Exoer, “Thank you, Mr. Exoer, I’ll think about it myself.”


        By the time Charlie wade arrived at the palace, the sky was already getting lighter.

        Bergen Airport, too, had begun a busy day of its own.

        Whether it was pa*senger or cargo, all the work was going on in an orderly manner, and no one realised that it was in this airport that eight of their colleagues had lost their lives.