The Real Dragon Chapter 5030

Hearing that Charlie wade wanted to act on his own, Wan Bajun hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, there are still many uncertainties about the other side’s situation, moreover, they are crowded and heavily guarded, why don’t we let my subordinates choose a few elite soldiers and go with you!”

        Charlie wade waved his hand and said seriously: “This kind of thing only has the greatest success rate when one person acts, and even if it fails, one person can still get out in one piece, once there are more people, the chance of exposure increases greatly instead, I not only want to make sure that this thing is as successful as possible, but also want to make sure that if this thing is unsuccessful, it leaves as few clues as possible. “

        Li Yalin also agreed at this time, “I support Young Master Wade’s point of view, from my experience in the police for so many years, the vast majority of major cases that have been unsolved in the true sense are single suspect cases, as long as the person is professional enough and strong enough, he will be able to accomplish his goal with ease and without leaving the police any valuable clues, and once this single person operation turns into a gang operation, the chances of leaving usable clues increases geometrically.”

        Speaking here, Li Yalin added: “To use a less appropriate analogy, those serial murder cases with double-digit victims, the murderer behind them is almost invariably all one person.”

        Hearing this, Wan Bajun could only nod and say, “In that case, then my subordinate will be ready in Beirut, any time Mr. Wade needs the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, my subordinate will be the first to bring his men there!”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “I really have something that I need you to prepare in advance in Beirut.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade said seriously, “Broken Jun, on the day of the action, you bring Five Four Seven, as well as these seven primus guards to wait for me on the high seas, once I succeed, you bring them all to that copper mine, in order to make those primus guards and dead soldiers completely subservient, you need several of them to show themselves.”

        Without thinking, Wan Bajun said, “Okay Mr. Wade, my subordinates will arrange a cruise ship in advance and wait for your news in the high seas.”

        Charlie wade nodded and looked at Five Four Seven and the other seven Primus Guards and spoke, “When the time comes, it will be hard for you all to make the trip, and if this matter can be successful, you will also need to work together to manage this station for me.”

        All eight agreed without a second thought.

        Charlie wade’s bold and radical plan made them all very excited. If the disappearance of the poison in their bodies was the breaking of the shackles that had been placed on them by the organization for many years, then going with Charlie wade to take the whole compound was the first step to launch a counterattack on the organization.

        Afterwards, Charlie wade asked a few people, “Gentlemen, can you describe to me exactly what the antidote that this organisation usually gives you is like?”

        Five-Four-Seven was the first to speak up, “The pills we take are round pills, roughly a centimetre in diameter, dark brown in colour and with a certain shine on the surface.”

        Several other primus guards also nodded, and the one at the head spoke, “The one we took was also the same.”

        Charlie wade frowned and took out a Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill and spoke, “Does it look similar to this?”

        Five-Four-Seven nodded, “It’s basically very similar already, except that the colour of this pill of yours seems to be a little better.”