The Real Dragon Chapter 5049

        The satellite itself has extremely high security and has been reset with the communication code, so even the person who designed it cannot crack the current communication content, the possibility of being cracked is almost non-existent, but it also has certain disadvantages, the biggest disadvantage is that the satellite is a bit old, or the old generation of narrowband mobile communication satellites, the transmission The speed is relatively slow, so only text and byte commands can be transmitted, like monitoring the status of safes around the world, the safes only need to send a few bytes of commands to the satellite at regular intervals under normal conditions, and if there is an abnormality, the commands are only a few bytes, and the same goes for activating the self-destruct device, this very small data transmission is no problem at all, apart from that, it can satisfy very few users at critical times of users using this system for voice calls, but it cannot satisfy video signal transmission.”

        Charlie wade nodded and said, “That is to say, even though Cyprus’ base might have installed monitoring equipment, the organisation would not be able to view it in real time, right?”

        “Right.” Ganbi Tyle said, “The surveillance equipment in Cyprus is all stored locally by them, every time I come over, I will bring a copy of the past week’s surveillance footage back, but this data will not be connected to the internet, it will only be kept in Turkey for retention, and every once in a while, all the data will be submitted to the Right Army Governor’s Office, as for whether the Right Army Governor’s Office will then submit this data to the British Lord, I don’t I don’t know.”

        Charlie wade couldn’t help but smile, “Seeing that you are so old, I didn’t expect that you knew quite a lot about this.”

        Ganbi Tyle respectfully said, “These were all systematically trained during my time at the Huben Battalion.”

        Charlie wade asked him with interest, “Then let me ask you, as far as you know, has this self-destruction device of yours ever been activated?”

        “Activated.” Ganbi Tyle said without thinking, “Almost twenty years ago, a base had its self-destruct device activated by the organization because of a major failure, and that time the organization was so ruthless that it had delayed until the day before the normal delivery of the medicine, before temporarily informing the envoy that there was no need to deliver the medicine, and at the same time informing the other section envoy that there was a slight accident on the envoy’s side, and telling him to wait for half a day more, and if the next day morning the envoy had not been delivered, the organisation would authorise him to open the safe and activate the stockpile of antidotes.”

        “And then what?” Charlie wade asked with a frown, “The organization kept dragging them out with lies until they were about to die of poison, and then activated the self-destruction?”

        “Yes!” Ganbi Tyle nodded heavily and said with a horrified expression, “The organization didn’t send anyone to deliver the medicine and destroyed the spare antidote at the last one, and all the 5,000 people at that base, including the sect leader, the primus guards, the dead soldiers and the dead soldiers’ families, all died of poison and none were spared.”

        Charlie wade asked him, “How do you know so well?”

        Ganbi Tyle explained, “This is information that the organisation decla*sified internally, the reason why it was decla*sified at that time was to warn all bases of the consequences of a major failure.”

        Charlie wade suddenly thought of something and blurted out, “You just said that that major failure, was twenty years ago?!”

        “Yes!” Ganbi Tyle nodded, “It was twenty years ago, I remember it very clearly.”

        Charlie wade’s expression was instantly appalled, his parents had been killed in Aurous Hill exactly twenty years ago!

        It couldn’t be a mere coincidence that the timing matched so well, could it?

        Was there any connection between his parents’ death and what Ganbi Tyle said?