The Real Dragon Chapter 5054

At this moment, Charlie wade’s heart could not help but think of his third aunt whom he did not know again.

        And in Charlie wade’s mind, he could not help but rely on the clues provided by Ganbi Tyle, as well as his own imagination, to outline the tragic life of that woman.

        During her teenage years as well as her youth, she had probably been studying hard in order to change the fate of her entire family.

        Her father had probably experienced first-hand the misery of the dead soldiers and so must have instilled in her at an early age the belief in studying hard to save the whole family.

        And she must have lived up to his expectations and with her hard work, she got into a top university.

        At this time, because she excelled in her studies and was outwardly excellent, the Broken Clear Society gave her the difficult and momentous task of preparing to get close to her brother-in-law, An Zhaonan.

        Li Yalin had once told Charlie wade about the process of his brother-in-law’s acquaintance with his brother-in-law.

        Back then, Brother-in-law was in the second year of his master’s degree at Harvard University, while Brother-in-law had just entered Harvard for his master’s degree. The two met through a clichéd drama of a hero saving a woman, while Brother-in-law, through his contact with her, was surprised to find that the woman catered to all his requirements for the opposite S*x, both internally and externally.

        The An family, along with Li Yalin, also, because of their speculation, were probably, at that time, the secret informants that the enemy had deliberately planted around their brother-in-law.

        But according to Li Yalin, after the death of his brother-in-law, the matter was just an uncorroborated speculation.

        However, one could now be sure that their speculation was 100% accurate.

        Although her brother-in-law was twenty-two or thirty years old when she met him, it was likely that she had been trying to become the kind of woman that her brother-in-law would have liked and even become obsessed with since she was fifteen or sixteen years old.

        It took years of preparation for her to have a “love at first sight” moment with her brother-in-law at Harvard University.

        What he didn’t know was that it was all just an elaborate show built around him.

        He has been with this woman for almost twenty years, she has given him two daughters, and the family of four seems to be very close, but he could never have dreamed that this woman, who has been with him for twenty years, has always had a false tooth filled with a highly toxic substance in her mouth from the day she met him.

        A husband who has been with him for twenty years and two of his own daughters have not been able to stop his sister-in-law from selling her life for the Broken Ching Society.

        On the day of Stephanie’s New York concert, this woman acted as an inside man, cooperating with the dead soldiers of the Qing-breaking Society to wipe out the entire An family.