The Real Dragon Chapter 5089

Charlie wade smiled and said, “Kicking the can down the road, right?”

Thirty Nine Zero hurriedly bowed and said, “My subordinate does not dare! My subordinate is not representing himself, but these three to four thousand men, women and children behind him, so naturally I don’t dare to speak nonsense.”

Charlie wade nodded approvingly, thirty nine zero seemed to be somewhat clever, when he was not sure of his own origin, he did not speak too slowly, nor did he act too heartfelt towards the Broken Qing Society, instead, he defined Charlie wade’s problem as “tradition”, in this way, it was considered that he could attack and retreat.

Charlie wade did not give him too much trouble, but slowly took off his black robe and showed his true face to the public.

This action even dazzled all the dead soldiers and their families.

They had never seen the true face of any of the envoys before, because according to the rules of the Broken Clearance Society, the dead soldiers could only meet with specific primus inter pares and were not allowed to meet face to face with anyone else from this organisation.

The reason for this is also mainly because of the special status of the Dead Soldiers, and once they go out, they are all going on important missions, and it is necessary to stop them from recognising any of the members of the Qing Breaking Society while they are on their missions.

Therefore, every envoy who came here was dressed in black robes and covered their faces with black hats.

However, this time, Charlie wade suddenly broke this long-standing rule, which made all the dead soldiers involuntarily tense up.

Seeing the horrified and panicked expressions of the crowd, Charlie wade spoke lightly, “To tell you the truth, I am not a special envoy of the Qing Breaking Society, the real special envoy is already under my control. fight alongside me?!”

As soon as Charlie wade said this, the whole room was in an uproar!

No one had expected that things would be so unexpected!

Even if you get the antidote from the real envoy, it will only keep us alive for one more week, so even if we want to fight alongside you, I’m afraid we won’t be able to.”

Thirty-nine Zero’s words caused all the dead soldiers who were in shock to be dismayed for a moment.

Everyone knew that Thirty Nine Zero was right.

Once they didn’t have the antidote, they would soon die of poison, and even if they wanted to fight to the death against the Qing Breaking Society, I was afraid that they would not be able to wait for the day when they would be able to kill the enemy in front of the battle.

At this moment, Charlie wade looked at Thirty Nine Zero and the group of dead soldiers and asked curiously, “Are you willing to be controlled by the Broken Qing Society for the rest of your lives, or are you willing to fight them to the death?”