The Real Dragon Chapter 5094

Charlie wade nodded and said seriously, “After all, this place is a few thousand people in size and the ground is only a few hundred people in size, it is unlikely that everyone will be transferred to the ground to live, and a surge of too many people at once will also trigger suspicion and speculation from the outside world.”

    Speaking of this, Charlie wade turned his words and continued, “However, from today onwards, the pa*sageway between the dead and the ground will remain unobstructed, and you guys do a good job of coordinating internally, and every day, in multiple periods, you can let some people go to the ground to feel the real day and night, to feel the real sun, moon and stars.”

    Hearing this, Thirty Nine Zero was thrilled beyond addition and said gratefully, “Thank you, sir! Thank you, sir! I’m satisfied to be able to let the children go out and see the real world and breathe fresh air!”

    Charlie wade smiled and said, “Everyone can go out, just for the time being, we still have to lie in wait, so everyone on the whole will have to continue to endure and commiserate for a while, but don’t worry, in terms of daily food, clothing and accommodation, I will have someone upgrade the treatment of the dead soldiers as much as possible, and if the children need to receive a normal education, I can also have someone coordinate for you the appropriate education for children of all ages teaching materials and aids, and if you have any needs, you can also mention them to me, and I will try to solve them all if I can.”

    The children’s education at the moment is basically limited to literacy and the sporadic basic knowledge we have, but those of us who have the opportunity to go out, even if we do, are on missions, in a hurry, and with people watching closely in secret, so we don’t have the opportunity to come into contact with any systematic knowledge, even if we wanted to get a map of the world to show the children, we couldn’t even achieve it”

    Charlie wade nodded his head and said with understanding, “I will have all these problems solved in the shortest possible time.”

    After saying that, Charlie wade asked Thirty Nine Zero again, “By the way, how do you guys usually solve your medical problems?”

    Thirty Nine Zero explained, “We have a medical team of ten people, the members of this medical team are all selected from the young girls of the Broken Qing Society and trained, but they mainly study maternity to ensure the delivery of pregnant women and the care of babies and children in the entire residence.”

    Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask, “If someone has a major illness, how is it usually handled?”

    Thirty Nine Zero thought for a moment and spoke, “We don’t seem to have encountered any major illnesses, as our bodies would always be in a relatively healthy state because of the weekly doses of the antidote, and this antidote would improve our physical quality, allowing us to grow stronger.”

    Charlie wade suddenly dawned on him.

    At the beginning, those dead soldiers of Five Four Seven, although they were not true martial artists, their physical quality was no less than that of martial artists, and coupled with modern weapons, and well thought out tactics, made their true level of practical combat very high, even eight-star martial artists were no match for them.

    It was thought that the reason for their strong physical qualities was because of the regular use of this antidote.

    Thirty-nine Zero added at this point, “Although the antidote can make our physical quality improve dramatically, it seems to have a very significant effect on our per capita life expectancy, taking the antidote for a long period of time, resulting in our average life expectancy, not exceeding sixty years, the oldest recorded and oldest dead soldier lived to the age of fifty-eight, most of them basically died without any illness when they were in their early to mid-fifties. “

    Charlie wade nodded: “That kind of medicine is not relying on the power of the medicine to improve your physical quality, it only accelerates the burning of your own Yuan Qi so that you can explode to greater potential, in a short time, the strength is indeed greatly improved, but in reality, it is overdrawing the subsequent life.”

    Saying that, Charlie wade asked him, “How old are you?”

    Thirty-nine Zero respectfully said, “Back to you, sir, my subordinate is forty and five years old.”

    As he said that, he could not help but let out a soft sigh and laughed at himself, “I guess I only have ten years left to live… I hope that within these ten years, I will be able to follow you to eradicate the Qing Breaking Society!”

    Charlie wade looked at him and said seriously, “Don’t worry, it won’t take so long to eradicate the Qing Breaking Society, moreover, you won’t only live to 50 or 60 years old, now that the poison in your bodies has been resolved, I will bring your life expectancy to the same level as normal people.”

    Knowing that Charlie wade was by no means talking out of his a*s, Thirty Nine Zero said with immense gratitude, “Thank you, sir, for your rejuvenating grace!”

    After saying this, he knelt down on one knee to show his devotion.

    When Charlie wade saw him kneel on one knee, he smiled helplessly.

    He had just said earlier that he was not allowed to kneel on the ground and salute, so he changed his kneeling on both knees to one knee.

    Charlie wade shook his head, helped him up with one hand, looked at the time and said, “I think it’s almost dawn, you go and tell all the underage children to get ready and wait for the first sunrise of their lives up there!”