The Real Dragon Chapter 5105

As long as these people could follow his orders at the critical moment, and each of them carried out their tasks in an orderly manner, they would definitely be able to make a perfect response in the shortest time.

Moreover, Charlie wade believed that once the day came when the plan to overthrow the nest was executed, it would definitely be a huge blow to the Broken Qing Society.

At that moment, the Qing Breakers would realise that the poison they used to control all their members had already been broken, and their inner circle would first fall into chaos, and their hearts would definitely change drastically.

It would be like a man who had been invulnerable to swords and spears suddenly having an arm broken by a sudden bullet.

All the people were excited at this moment, because they knew that Charlie wade’s plan to overthrow the nest would definitely be put into action sooner or later, but it was just a matter of time.

Once this plan was really launched, it would be their first step towards revenge against the Qing Breakers!

At this moment, Charlie wade said to Five-Four-Seven, who had followed Wan Xiaojun from Syria, “Five-Four-Seven, from now on, you can stay here, you are from the same background as Thirty-Nine, you are a dead soldier, living with them will definitely be more adaptable for you.”

Five-Four-Seven said respectfully, “Thank you, Mr. Wade!”

When Charlie wade saw that Five-Four-Seven looked like he wanted to say something, he spoke, “Don’t worry, maybe the next dead soldier’s station we take over will be the one where your wife and family are, but you must understand that this matter, can’t be rushed, we have to wait for the broken Qing Hui to reveal the breach again.”

With tears in his eyes, he choked up and said, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for thinking of my wife and children.

Charlie wade smiled faintly and instructed, “Live well and live to see your wife and children.”

Five-Four-Seven nodded heavily with tears in his eyes.

Charlie wade then said to Thirty Nine Zero, “Like you, Five Four Seven is a bitter man, I will leave him in your care from now on.”

Thirty Nine Zero said without thinking, “Sir, don’t worry, my subordinate will definitely take care of Fifth Elder Brother!”

“Good.” Charlie wade nodded and waved his hand, “Alright, you guys go out first, Broken Army and Julius Beck stay behind.”

The others got up and respectfully excused themselves.

In the office, only Wan Jun broke, and his master, Julius Beck, were left at last.

Charlie wade looked at Julius Beck and said indifferently, “Mr. Julius, I still have a very important matter to leave to you.”

Julius Beck hurriedly stood up, bowed and said, “Mr. Wade, just give me an order, my subordinates will do their best!”

Charlie wade nodded and said, “All the dead soldiers and the primus guards have lost a lot of their ability to fight after the poison in their bodies was lifted, mainly because the poison in their bodies was itself an accumulating energy that could improve their strength to a certain extent. and Primus Guards as if they were your own disciples, and teach them the true martial path.”

Julius Beck immediately said, “Yes, Mr. Wade, I will definitely teach them with all my knowledge and will not hide anything from them!”

Charlie wade was very satisfied with his attitude, as most martial artists treasured the martial arts techniques they practiced and would not be willing to teach them to strangers under any circumstances.

Moreover, martial arts techniques are not only a martial artist’s untold secrets that he has suppressed, but also an exhaustive summary of all his martial arts characteristics. If one’s martial arts techniques are mastered by one’s enemies, then the chances of one’s enemies defeating oneself will be greatly increased.

Therefore, in the field of martial arts, the vast majority of martial arts techniques are not pa*sed down to the outside world, but only within one’s own descendants and clansmen.