The Real Dragon Chapter 5117

  ”Good.” Hearing this, Charlie wade also put his heart down slightly.

  Although he did not have much contact with Claudia, this girl’s experience did make him sympathise with her, especially when her family had all died at the hands of her relatives, while at the age of eighteen, she had endured the humiliation and had a fake scar on her face to show people, this kind of mind and patience was something that an ordinary eighteen-year-old girl could not have.

  It was a good thing that she had helped Claudia to kill her enemy, otherwise it would have been difficult for her to lead a normal life.

  If she hadn’t discovered that Guo Lei was plotting against Li Xiaofen and alerted her, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to save her, let alone help her complete her revenge.

  With emotion in his heart, Charlie wade said to Auntie Li with a smile, “Auntie Li, after you go back this time, you can keep the house and the supermarket storefront in Canada, so if you are really tired and want to retire in the future, you can go back to Canada again.”

  ”In addition, I have arranged for Isaac Cameron to prepare a decent villa for you, Fanny and Claudia in Aurous Hill, from now on this villa will be yours to retire in Aurous Hill, and if Fanny and Claudia get married in the future, it will be the maiden home of the two girls.”

  Auntie Li hurriedly said, “No, young master, you and the Wade family have already given me too many favours, how can I ask for your villa again, you just need to leave us a room in the orphanage ……”

  Charlie wade said seriously, “Auntie Li, the time has changed, and today’s Charlie wade is no longer the same Charlie wade who worked three jobs every day and earned money for books and milk powder for his brothers and sisters in the orphanage. discounted, it’s not as much as a box of lunch money when I’m working part-time, so you don’t need to push back anymore.”

  He said, “Auntie Li, you have taken care of me for so many years, you are my benefactor, and now you have to go back to work in Aurous Hill for me, if I don’t give you a proper settlement in Aurous Hill, other people will also have a problem with me.”

  Auntie Li sighed and said from the bottom of her heart, “Young master, in fact, for so many years, I have only done my part of the job well, I would never dare to take the word benefactor ……”

  Charlie wade firmly said, “Aunt Li, in my heart, you are my benefactor.”

  The first thing that I want to do is to bring you to Vancouver in the morning and have him bring someone to pick you up at home.”

  Auntie Li was busy saying,”Young Master, there is no need to take so much trouble, the three of us can just go to the airport ourselves.”

  The plane you and Fanny and the girls are on is the plane we’ll take back to Aurous Hill together. “

  Hearing Charlie wade’s firm tone, Auntie Li had no choice but to agree and respectfully said, “Then it will be hard for you to make the arrangements, Young Master.”