The Real Dragon Chapter 5121

  The middle-aged man laughed, “I definitely had to come over early to support your closing ceremony.”

  As he said that, he looked at Claire with interest and asked her, “Emily, you haven’t introduced this beautiful woman yet, what is her name?”

  Emily hurriedly said, “Chairman, this is the master cla*smate I have often told you about, Claire.”

  After saying that, she hurriedly said to Claire again, “Claire, this is our boss, Matthew Peterson.”

  Claire just nodded to Matthew Peterson without saying anything.

  However, Matthew Peterson seemed to be somewhat amazed by Claire and hurriedly took out a business card, handed it to Claire and said seriously, “Ms. Claire, we are actively absorbing some young blood recently, and a young and talented designer like you is our most urgent need for a partner at the moment. I can give you a partner status with an annual salary starting from at least one million dollars!”

  Claire shook his head and said lightly, “Sorry Mr. Peterson, I have my own company, which is small but in my opinion, much more comfortable than going to work for any company.”

  Matthew Peterson’s expression was a little disappointed, but he quickly adjusted again and said with a smile, “Never mind, we are also looking for some potential start-up design companies around the world at the same time, if Ms Wilson wants to work with us or take our investment, we can have an in-depth chat.”

  Charlie wade could see that this Matthew Peterson was up to no good, so he said indifferently, “Sorry, my wife doesn’t need investment from anyone but me.”

  Matthew Pietersen frowned at Charlie wade and opened his mouth to ask Emily, “This gentleman is?”

  Emily hurriedly smiled and explained, “Boss, this is Claire’s husband, he is a very powerful feng shui master, he just read my face and said that my business will suffer a terminal blow, it just so happens that you are my boss, please help me to confirm whether my business is going to soar upwards or fall downwards today.”

  Charlie wade smiled and said seriously, “As I said earlier, you do have a great joy today, although your face is not good, but after all, you were born with charming bones, as long as a man with strong enough ability can be attracted to your charming bones, his ability can help you to suppress the defects in your face.”

  Matthew Pietersen laughed and spoke, “Of course it’s upwardly soaring!”

  After that, he looked at Charlie wade and said with a smile, “Sir, today Emily was promoted to senior partner and her salary has doubled several times, moreover, I am her boss, if I tell her to move up, she will definitely move up, I wonder how you judge that her career will meet its demise?”

  Charlie wade looked at Matthew Peterson and said indifferently, “Don’t think you can sway her future just because you are the boss, feng shui is laid out here, it is the most unlikely to be wrong, maybe the one who really gave her the downfall is you.”