The Real Dragon Chapter 5127

“That I’m his client?”

  Flynn Phoebe asked curiously, “Which one is it?”

  Matthew Peterson immediately pointed at Charlie wade who was not far away and said with a smile, “That’s the gentleman, he said he was a Feng Shui master and that you were one of his clients, do you know him, Miss Flynn?”

  When Flynn Phoebe saw Charlie wade’s back, she immediately recognised him.

  She was first delighted, then she couldn’t help but frown, thinking to herself, “This Matthew Peterson doesn’t seem to be speaking in the right tone, what he said earlier was quite normal, but why did he make the extra step of asking if I knew Mr. Wade at the end? Could it be that he was suspecting Mr. Wade of lying?”

  Thinking of this, Flynn Phoebe immediately guessed what was going on and thought, “It seems that this guy probably didn’t believe what Mr. Wade said, so he took the opportunity to come and greet me and deliberately mentioned Mr. Wade by the way, wanting me to personally expose Mr. Wade.”

  At this thought, Flynn Phoebe could not help but say to Matthew Peterson with a surprised look on his face, “I do have a feng shui master I work with, but he went out of town some time ago, so he shouldn’t be here, and that man’s back doesn’t look as if he is himself.”

  Upon hearing this, Matthew Pietersen said in surprise, “Oops! Then I guess that man is an impostor! As soon as I heard that even you were his client, I almost signed a multi-million dollar a year feng shui contract with him, but luckily I met you here, otherwise I would have been fooled!”

  Seeing Matthew Peterson’s charade, Flynn Phoebe grinned and said casually, “The feng shui master I work with has a very high fee, if you don’t know him well, he won’t even look at you if it’s tens of millions of dollars a year, not to mention millions of dollars a year.”

  Matthew Peterson said with a smile, “Then it seems that the feng shui master you are working with is the real master, the one here, must be an impostor.”

  Saying that, Matthew Peterson couldn’t help but hesitate a little, wondering if he should ask Flynn Phoebe to go over and identify Charlie wade.

  The reason why he hesitated was that although he wanted to do so in his heart, he was afraid that saying so would be rejected by Flynn Phoebe and make her feel that she was too small.

  The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

  Just like in the technology industry, there are countless people waving and cheating under the name of Bill Gates and Elon Musk, and it is up to the people who encounter them to discern the truth from the falsehood.

  However, for Matthew Peterson, if he did not invite Flynn Phoebe to go over and identify him, there would be no way to hit Charlie wade hard in front of Claire.

  You know, this is a good opportunity, once Claire sees through her husband’s hypocritical face, then it would be easy to invite Claire to join his company along the way.

  Flynn Phoebe, who was incredibly intelligent, could see at a glance what Matthew Peterson was struggling with, so she said with a smile, “Mr. Peterson, why don’t I go over with you to meet him, normally I am too lazy to bother with those fraudsters who use my name, but today they have tricked me, so it would be a bit unjustifiable if I don’t care. “