The Real Dragon Chapter 5138

  Now for Charlie wade, as long as he could still limit himself to the feng shui master dead in front of his wife, then he was not afraid of anything because he could round up any way.

  Even if the patriarch of a top-tier family like Flynn Phoebe was respectful of him, he could still explain it away.

  After all, when Flynn Phoebe was almost killed by her uncle, it was because he had helped her adjust her feng shui and read her fortune to ask for directions that he had helped her to fight back and take back the position of head of the Flynn family.

  With this premise, even if Flynn Phoebe treated herself with respect, there would be a reasonable explanation for everything.

  A few minutes later.

  The fbi helicopter landed in the square outside the auditorium, and several fbi agents, wearing sungla*ses, hurried into the scene and brought out Matthew Peterson, who was under Yuan Zixu’s guard.

  Matthew Peterson had completely given up resistance and was paralyzed as he was loaded onto the helicopter by two agents.

  Countless people were shocked to see him being taken away by the FBI, but at the same time, they couldn’t help but whisper, trying to figure out why this bigwig of the design world had suddenly been taken away by the FBI.

  Yuan Zixu watched the helicopter take off before returning to the venue to report back to Flynn Phoebe.

  Flynn Phoebe smiled faintly upon hearing this and said to Claire, “Claire, when I take control of Aiyikang, if you are interested, I will ask you to be the president of Aiyikang.”

  Claire waved her hand in frightened practice, “I don’t have that level, I’d better run my small company in Aurous Hill properly ……”

  Flynn Phoebe said seriously, “There’s no rush, I’ll save the position for you when the time comes, you can come over anytime if you’re interested.”



  On the other side of the planet, in Eastcliff.

  A girl of seventeen or eighteen, slim and tall, with a face as pure as water, was walking briskly through a traditional Eastcliff hutong.

  It is early in the morning in Eastcliff, when the hutongs are supposed to be at their liveliest and most smoky.

  There are no shops or stalls selling breakfast, not even a single pedestrian.

  The girl walked towards the deepest part of the hutong, at the end of which was a very grand five-room, three-bay door.

  The so-called five rooms and three gates are the width of five rooms and three gates, the specifications of a prince’s residence in feudal society.

  The innermost house was originally the residence of a prince in the Qing dynasty.

  The five-room, three-bay gate is about three or four metres high and is covered with bra*s spikes, making it an imposing building.

  The huge stone lions on either side of the door were also carved with great dignity.

  When the girl reached the two-thirds mark, suddenly, out of nowhere, two middle-aged men in civilian clothes emerged.

  These two middle-aged men, with their sturdy figures and resolute expressions, could be seen at a glance to be more than ordinary people.

  They stopped the girl and one of them said, “Little girl, this is a private residence, don’t go further in.”

  The girl was not afraid at all when she was stopped by the two strong men, she just said indifferently, “Please tell your old man that Lin Wan’er is here and that she needs to see him.”