The Real Dragon Chapter 5156

  Claire heard this, and quickly said, “Auntie you must not say that, my mother’s leg is also considered an old problem, it has been broken several times before and after, perhaps itself is somewhat prone to injury, certainly can not blame you, and this time my mother in New York must have caused you a lot of trouble, I as a daughter must also thank you for always taking care of her!”

  The woman nodded slightly and said, “I’ve had your mother’s leg looked at by the best doctors, and as long as she rests for a while, it will heal well, and she will also be able to recover from her old illnesses. When you go back, take your mother out and put it in the trunk.”

  Claire hurriedly said, “Auntie, thank you so much, my mother must have spent a lot of money on her medical treatment, give me a figure and I will pay you!”

  ”No need!” The woman smiled and waved her hand, “Your mother and I are good sisters, this is nothing, I wanted to keep her in New York for a while longer, I didn’t expect you to leave in such a hurry, but I have prepared all the medicine your mother needs to take orally.”

  She handed a handbag to Claire and explained, “These are all your mother’s current oral medications, which can speed up her recovery and reduce complications.

  Claire didn’t expect the other party to be so attentive and said with a grateful face, “Thank you, auntie, it’s really hard for you!”

  The woman waved her hand and said with a smile, “Your mother and I have been friends for a long time, you don’t have to thank me.”

  At that moment, she suddenly saw Flynn Phoebe walking in at the entrance wearing a mask, and they exchanged a look, so she then looked at Elaine and said, “Elaine, I still have some business here, so I can’t see you through the security check, in the future when you come to America, you must remember to tell me first.”

  Elaine gave a heated smile, “Don’t worry, Director Chen!”

  Only after saying that did she realise that she had said the wrong thing, and was at a loss as to how to round up the lie.

  Claire was also a little surprised, wondering why her mother called the other party Director Chen.

  At this time, the woman hurriedly said, “Why, look at you, our nickname at Bedford Hill Correctional Facility, don’t call it that when you come out, it’s unlucky.”

  Only then did Elaine come back to her senses and hurriedly said, “Right, right, yes, yes, yes!”

  After saying that, she hurriedly said to Claire, “Claire, this Auntie Chen, your Auntie Chen, was Elaine’s best friend at Bedford Hill Correctional Institution, at that time she was the big sister in our prison cell, we all called her Director Chen!”

  Claire didn’t think much about it, although she didn’t know what the other party was in prison for, but seeing that the other party looked very nice and spoke decently, she thought that it wouldn’t be because of any crime of a bad nature, so she didn’t think much about it in her heart.

  What’s more, she also knew that it wasn’t quite appropriate to talk about other people in prison, so she hurriedly stopped there and stopped the conversation.

  Director Chen then excused herself and left, and just as she left on her first foot, Flynn Phoebe greeted her on her second foot, waving at the two of them, “Claire, Master Wade!”

  Claire was surprised to see that Flynn Phoebe had come and asked, “Phoebe, why are you here?”

  Flynn Phoebe smiled and said, “I came to see you off, originally I wanted to go to China with you for a few days, but I had too much to do recently, so I came to see you off!”

  Elaine looked at Flynn Phoebe with a shocked face and blurted out, “Are you …… that …… that …… that …… that Miss Flynn family’s eldest daughter?! “