The Real Dragon Chapter 5158

Charlie wade’s words were a little subtle, but Elaine immediately understood the essence of it, so in his heart he thought: “Good son-in-law is right, taking a photo with someone at the airport, especially with a celebrity, 100 people will see it and 101 people will say it must have been a coincidental encounter, begging people to take the photo. The actual photo will not be able to pretend to be anything, but it will probably only stimulate people like Benedict.”

In fact, Flynn Phoebe who was at the side originally felt that it did not matter, but seeing that Claire seemed to have the intention to stop it, she also said with a smile, “Auntie, this time in a public place, I am afraid that the photo will not look good, why don’t we take it in the future when we have the opportunity to meet in private.”

She thought to herself, “I am a good son-in-law, so capable, even Miss Flynn is his client, we will certainly meet in the future, if we can really take a picture with Miss Flynn at the party, that would be a great advantage.”

So, without thinking, she agreed and said with a smile, “If Miss Flynn has time, she must come to Aurous Hill to play, and when she does, she must come to our home!”

Flynn Phoebe nodded and said with a smile, “No problem Auntie Elaine, we will definitely pay a visit when we come!”

Charlie wade received a voice message from Li Xiaofen at this time, put it to his ear and listened, Li Xiaofen said in the message, “Brother Charlie wade, we have landed at the New York airport, have you arrived yet?”

Charlie wade replied to her, “We’ve just arrived at the airport, we’ll start the check-in process right away.”

Li Xiaofen happily replied, “That’s great, the captain said we don’t need to get off the plane, we’ll just wait for you on the plane.”

Charlie wade replied, “That’s right, you guys just wait on the plane, we’ll be right there.”

After replying to Li Xiaofen’s message, Charlie wade spoke, “The plane has already landed, so why don’t we just hurry up and do the formalities and go there.”

After saying that, he said to Flynn Phoebe, “Miss Flynn, after the security check, we will leave customs, so don’t send us in any further, hurry back.”

Flynn Phoebe was reluctant, but she nodded with a smile and said, “Then Master Wade, Claire and Auntie Elaine, have a safe journey, I won’t see you off.”

Elaine said offhandedly, “Aiya, I heard them say that you can’t fly with the wind, the plane will fall down with the wind, and I don’t know if it’s true.”

Charlie wade laughed: “Mom, don’t listen to their nonsense, the plane only needs to fly against the wind when taking off, after going up to the sky, downwind can fly faster, originally 10 hours to reach, if the wind is downwind, maybe 8 hours to reach.”

“So ……” Elaine muttered, “Last time I came to the United States, Benedict Ping my circle of friends said to wish me a good trip, I cursed her all the way in my heart, it seems that I was wrong to blame her. “

Charlie wade not only laughed dumbly, but then he opened up Claire to prepare to go through the security check together.

After saying goodbye to Flynn Phoebe, the three of them pa*sed through security and customs and boarded the plane directly from the parking space outside the VIP building.

Elaine had difficulty with her legs and the airport had sent two attendants to a*sist her all the way.

On the plane, when Auntie Li, Li Xiaofen and Claudia saw the three of them get on the plane, they all hurriedly stood up to greet each other, especially Li Xiaofen and Claudia, and when they saw Charlie wade, they both called out in a somewhat shy unison, “Brother Charlie wade.”