The Real Dragon Chapter 5177

The speed at which Benedict was making money made Elaine extremely angry and jealous inside.

  It was at this moment that her heart truly realised that Benedict had completely turned over a new leaf, and had done so quickly and viciously.

  At this rate of earning tens of thousands of dollars every day, Benedict’s income would be at least at the level of ten to twenty million dollars a year.

  Don’t look at Elaine living in a villa of more than 100 million, really let her earn, eight lifetimes can not earn so much money.

  Even if she didn’t know anything about the Internet, she could see a trend and said with red eyes, “Benedict is hatching a hen that lays golden eggs. …… And as this trend continues, I’m afraid the eggs laid by this chicken will get bigger and bigger…. …Now it’s earning tens of thousands a day, maybe in a while it will be earning hundreds of thousands a day, and then it will earn a hundred million a year ……”

  Speaking of this, Elaine Suddenly wept loudly and shouted: “God, how can you turn a B*****d like Benedict over! Even if you let a dog turn over, you can’t turn her over!”

  Claire couldn’t stand it and said, “Mom, let’s just live our own lives, why do we care so much about other people’s affairs?

  Elaine cried and said, “What do you know! Watching her earn money is worse than losing it myself! If the Lord agrees, I would rather use my other leg to exchange her for Benedict’s ruined reputation and return to her original form!”

  Claire asked with a puzzled look on her face, “Mom …… you …… why are you doing this ……”

  ”You don’t understand ……” Elaine plopped down on the bed and let out a loud cry, her mouth choking with pain, “In my life, I’ve been bullied the most by two people, one is Old Mrs. Wilson and the other is Benedict! In this world, anyone can have a good life, but not these two!”

  Charlie wade sighed and thought in his heart, “Downstairs is the old man’s lost love crying to his father and mother, upstairs is the mother-in-law’s jealous Benedict crying like a ghost, today’s fortune seems to be unfavorable for family harmony ……”

  At this time, Elaine suddenly remembered something and blurted out, “D*mn, I’m going to complain about her on the short video platform! If I can’t, I’ll go to the headquarters of the Short Video Group some day and pull up a banner in front of their headquarters to protest! I’ll go to their headquarters and protest with a banner in front of their headquarters. I’ll expose Benedict’s lies no matter what! I don’t believe that the owner of this short video platform can just sit back and let this kind of liar make money on their platform!”

  Hearing these words, Charlie wade couldn’t help but touch his nose.

  The owner of the short video platform, wasn’t he talking about himself ……

  A long time ago, Charlie wade had already asked Stephen Thompson to buy this mega-hot short video platform, when live e-commerce wasn’t so powerful, he definitely considered it a cop out.

  Now that live e-commerce is all the rage, this short video platform has become the largest live sales channel in China, the platform’s valuation has doubled two or three times, and his own float has been more than 100 billion RMB.

  If you continue to hold, wait for the platform to come up with three years of rapid growth answer sheet is, when the time comes, just go to the NASDAQ listing, market value of at least three or five hundred billion dollars or even more.

  In fact, this is the way capital makes money, look at a project, eat at low, and then wait for the wind to come, as long as the wind comes, turn a dozen or twenty times is nothing.

  Peter Thiel, the earliest investor who invested in the angel round of Facebook, invested $500,000 in Facebook and left the market with a full billion dollars. The rate of return reached twenty thousand times.