The Real Dragon Chapter 5188

  However, Charlie wade’s words made her realise that Charlie wade really saw her as a relative and was treating her as a sister who needed careful care and attention.

  This also made the feeling in her heart that she was like a floating weed and had no place to belong to, instantly washed away by half.

  If you tell me that you can’t find a sense of belonging in Aurous Hill, or even in China, and want to go back to Canada, I will personally send you back. From now on, I, as a brother, will do everything I can to make sure that you have no worries, no matter where you are.”

  Claudia’s eyes were red with emotion at Charlie wade’s words, and while she nodded her head repeatedly, tears fell silently from her eyes.

  Charlie wade had grown up in the orphanage, and he understood Claudia’s feelings at this moment. Back then, when he himself was totally ignorant of what Stephen Thompson had arranged, and was curled up alone in the corner of the dormitory of the Aurous Hill orphanage crying until dawn, he did not know how sad and desperate he was.

  And now Claudia was going through almost exactly the same process as she herself had then.

  That is why he was so concerned about Claudia, hoping that with his attitude and actions, he could help her untie all the knots in her heart and face her future life with openness and optimism.

  So, Charlie wade told Claudia about his own experiences in the orphanage back then, hoping that she would find resonance in herself.

  When Charlie wade described in detail his own psychological state back then, Claudia did feel a strong sense of empathy in her heart, and it was at this moment that she suddenly realised that Charlie wade was probably the one who understood herself the most in this world.

  This was something that even Li Xiaofen could not do.

  This was because Li Xiaofen had been abandoned since birth and then taken into an orphanage, while both herself and Charlie wade, who had thought they had everything and were the happiest children in the world, had eventually watched it all being cruelly taken away from them.

  Li Xiaofen had not been through this kind of trauma, so she did not manage to really read Claudia’s heart.

  The two talked all the way, and not only did Claudia feel that she found empathy in Charlie wade, but Charlie wade also found the same feeling in this girl, ten years younger than herself.

  Luckily, neither of them was the pessimistic type, so they had more in common and soon talked about a different, indescribable and detailed optimism out of the same bitter experience.

  In the middle of the conversation, the car had already arrived at the entrance of Aurous Hill University.

  At this time, Aurous Hill University was on holiday, but to Charlie wade’s surprise, there were quite a few staff members at the entrance of the school, busily preparing for something, and had even blocked the way of the car.

  Charlie wade honked his horn briefly and a staff member hurriedly ran over and apologetically said to Charlie wade, “Sorry sir, we have to pull up a banner to pull up your car before you can pa*s, otherwise your car will definitely crush the banner if you pa*s.”

  Charlie wade nodded with understanding and spoke, “It’s alright, I’ll wait for a while then.”

  ”Thank you, we’ll be done in a few minutes.”

  The man said thank you and turned around to go and get busy with other colleagues again.

  Soon, a red banner was pulled up from both sides of the school gate and hung high above the school gate’s pagoda.

  Charlie wade looked up and saw that the banner read, “A warm welcome to Mr. Qiu Ying Shan and his wife to our school.”

  Charlie wade seemed to have heard of the name Qiu Ying Shan, but for a while he forgot where he had heard of it.

  At that moment, the staff member ran over and asked politely, “What are you doing inside?”

  Charlie wade said, “I have an appointment with General Manager Isaac Cameron to meet here.”

  The man suddenly understood and said, “Mr. Cameron has already gone in, so please do the same!