The Real Dragon Chapter 5189

When Charlie wade drove his car to the front of the Academic Affairs Building of Aurous Hill University, Isaac Cameron was already waiting here.

  Seeing Charlie wade park the car, he hurriedly went forward to help him pull open the car door and said respectfully, “Young master, I’ve made all the arrangements on the school side, Claudia just needs to fill out an application form and submit the information, and then she can choose her major directly.”

  Charlie wade nodded, remembered the banner he saw outside and asked him, “Have you heard of Qiu Ying Shan? It feels like this person is somewhat familiar.”

  ”Qiu Ying Shan ah ……” Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “Back to Young Master, Master Qiu, is truly the richest man in South China, only that some years ago he deliberately split up all the family’s industries, so he also came down from the major rankings down, but the Qiu family’s strength is still very strong in Southeast Asia.”

  But the Khoo family is still very strong in Southeast Asia.” After saying this, Isaac Cameron asked, “You saw them hanging banners at the entrance, right? When I came, they were taking it down, and after I asked around, I realised that it was Qiu Ying Shan who was coming to visit Aurous Hill University.”

  Charlie wade suddenly remembered something and spoke, “When I was studying at Aurous Hill University, I think I had heard of this person, who was said to have donated a lot of money to Aurous Hill University?”

  Isaac Cameron nodded and said, “That’s right, he was one of the first overseas Chinese who returned to China to build after the economy opened up, and donated five hundred million to Aurous Hill University one after another in the nineties, back in those days, that was a big amount of money.”

  ”So that’s how it is.” Charlie wade nodded gently, only thinking that maybe the old man was planning to return to Aurous Hill University for a visit, so he didn’t put too much thought into it.


  An Airbus a330 converted private plane landed smoothly at Aurous Hill Airport.

  Lin Wan Er and Qiu Ying Shan were on board this plane.

  As Malaysia is also in the eastern region, there is no time difference between Malaysia and Aurous Hill, so Lin Wan’er originally planned to fly from Penang to China at eight o’clock this morning, so that she would arrive in Aurous Hill at around two o’clock in the afternoon and would not be delayed in applying for admission.

  But after lying down last night, she somehow managed to toss and turn in bed and had trouble sleeping until the early hours of the morning.

  Lin Wan’er tried to calm her mind down, but no matter what she tried, her heart always had a panicky feeling and seemed to be faintly showing signs of palpitations.

  Helplessly, she could only comfort herself by telling herself that she had to leave for Aurous Hill first thing in the morning, to the place where Charlie wade had first disappeared, and that perhaps she would really get her wish and meet him in Aurous Hill.

  When she thought of this, Lin Wan’er’s heart felt a lot better, but instead, there was a sense of urgency that every second counted.

  In her anxiety, she had to ask Qiu Yingshan to prepare a plane for her departure overnight, arriving in Aurous Hill a few hours ahead of schedule.

  In order not to delay the admission of Lin Wan’er, Qiu Yingshan had someone say hello to the president of Aurous Hill University in advance, but he did not ask his men to reveal the purpose of his visit to Aurous Hill University, only informing them that he wanted to visit the university.

  The university naturally attached great importance to this distinguished guest, and had banners made overnight. Even the president was prepared to personally greet and accompany him, and the other vice-presidents, as well as a number of deans, immediately suspended their holidays and rushed back to the university to stand by.

  Isaac Cameron took Charlie wade and Claudia into the Academic Affairs Building and went to the Admissions Office.

  At this moment, the director of the Admissions Office was already waiting here.