The Real Dragon Chapter 5196

  But Lin Wan’er had no aura, so this sensing was one-way,.

  That is to say, only the ring could sense Lin Wan’er, but Lin Wan’er could not sense the ring’s presence.

  Originally, there was a high probability that Charlie wade could see Lin Wan’er, but it was because of the ring’s sudden vibration that caused Charlie wade not to see Lin Wan’er, and Lin Wan’er not to see Charlie wade either.

  But Lin Wan’er, whose intuition was spot on, didn’t know what tugged at her heart the moment the BMW flashed by on her left and immediately subconsciously glanced back, but she only saw the car that was already far away and didn’t notice anything unusual.

  She thought it was her own look that was a little too sensitive, so she didn’t take it to heart for a hundred years.

  Charlie wade, who was inside the BMW, had by now put away the ring again and said to Claudia, “If you don’t have anything to do, let’s go around the city and buy a present before we go back.”

  Claudia hurriedly nodded, “I’m fine, listen to brother Charlie wade.”

  So the two drove to the shopping mall in the city centre.

  On this side, Qiu Ying Shan’s motorcade also came to a slow stop in the square outside the Academic Affairs Building.

  The old retired president of Aurous Hill University, along with the current school leaders, were already lined up here waiting.

  Two of them came to the back of the Rolls Royce, one left and one right, and opened the doors on both sides.

  Qiu Ying Shan then slowly stepped out of the car with his wife, one left and one right.

  Due to their advanced age, the bodyguards immediately handed the two a cane, while Japheth Mane, the old president of Aurous Hill University, was the first to greet them with excitement and said warmly, “Mr Qiu, welcome to Aurous Hill University again!”

  Qiu Yingshan said with a smile, “Old Japheth, I told you to keep a low profile, why are you still making such a big show?”

  Japheth Mane said, “Mr. Qiu, you haven’t come back for so many years, and this time you suddenly said you were coming over, so I had to greet you personally.

  He said, “I know Japheth Mane very well, he is a man who acts in every way, and he speaks in a very good way, he made such a big show, and said that everyone came to greet him spontaneously, he not only set aside his own responsibility, but also praised Qiu Ying Shan.

  So, Qiu Ying Shan also stopped dwelling on this issue and just said with a smile, “I haven’t been here for so many years, I really feel that it has changed a lot since I entered the campus just now, and it is worthy of being a double-cla*s university in China, which can really make people feel the distinctive aura.”

  Japheth Mane nodded and said with a smile, “Aurous Hill University could not have become a double first-cla*s university without the support and help of the state, and also without your generous donation, Mr Qiu, it was you who gave Aurous Hill University enough ammunition to stand out in those days when money was most scarce!”

  Qiu Yingshan said seriously, “I acknowledge both of the points you just mentioned, but I think that it is even more indispensable for Aurous Hill University to have such development because of the hard work you and all of you have done!”

  As for me, I’m just a businessman who smells of copper, so apart from donating some money, I can’t help much else.

  Japheth Mane said with a smile, “Mr. Qiu, you are getting more and more modest. I think, let’s not brag about each other here, why don’t I show you around and introduce you to the progress and improvement of Aurous Hill University nowadays compared to before!”

  He added, “We have also arranged a debriefing session later, so that the current management team can report back to you on their work so far!”

  Qiu Ying Shan smiled faintly and said, “Good, then let’s take a look around first!”

  The two of them, accompanied by the university leaders, took a tour of the campus by electric car.

  At the same time, Lin Wan’er pushed her way out of the Rolls Royce when there were no university staff around.

  The driver also hurriedly pushed the door down and followed Lin Wan’er in silence.

  Lin Wan’er looked back at him and said indifferently, “I want to walk alone, you don’t have to mind me.”

  The driver busily said, “Miss, Master told me to make sure to protect you, it’s best if you don’t walk around by yourself.”

  ”It’s alright.” Lin Wan’er smiled, “I’ll just take a casual look, I won’t go far.”