The Real Dragon Chapter 5203

After sighing a little, Lin Wan’er, accompanied by Sister Xian, ascended to the highest courtyard.

  As she stepped into the courtyard, she realised that it was even more pleasing to her than she had just envisaged.

  Every brick and tile, every blade of gra*s and every tree, was in fact very carefully crafted, and the stone floor of the courtyard even had patches of moss.

  In one corner of the courtyard, there is a beautifully designed open-air hot spring pool, with a wonderful rockery and many bonsai plants planted around it, making it look like a real mountain in miniature.

  Sister Xian followed her around and introduced her: “Miss Lin, this hot spring pool is connected to the natural hot spring water of Aurous Hill Tangshan, which is piped all the way up the mountain from underground. the coldest time of year, it can still be used outdoors.”

  Lin Wan’er asked in surprise, “There are still natural hot springs in Aurous Hill?”

  ”Yes.” Sister Xian nodded and said seriously, “The only truly natural hot spring with healthy ingredients is the one at Tangshan, which has a moderate sulphur content, high mineral content and good water quality. ”

  Lin Wan’er nodded gently and added, “I would like to go inside the room.”

  Sister Xian hurriedly said, “This way please, Miss Lin!”

  Saying this, she guided Lin Wan’er to the door of the three tiled rooms.

  From a distance, it looked like three rooms, one tall and two short, but in reality, the main door was in that two-storey tiled room, while the two rooms on the left and right were both rooms with inner doors.

  The ground floor of the high tiled room is the entrance hall, a living room of sorts, with an area of almost 60 square feet, and to the left, a purely Chinese study and dining room, and to the right, a Western-style, Chinese-style bathroom and cloakroom.

  The only bedroom is on the first floor of the high tiled room. After going up the staircase of pure solid wood, one can see the exquisite interior structure and design of the first floor, all the furniture, which is made of the finest Huanghuali wood, and the craftsmanship is extraordinarily exquisite, hitting Lin Wan’er’s aesthetic at once.

  As the first floor also had an area of over sixty square feet, this bedroom could be considered surprisingly large. On the south and north sides, there were two round windows each, and on the south side was a couch where one could read a book, while on the north side was a desk with a pen, ink, paper and ink stone.

  Mr. Hian asked us to clean and maintain the place every day, so that the windows were clear and there was no dust. .”

  Lin Wan’er asked curiously, “Your husband has gone to such great lengths to create such a courtyard, but why has no one been living there?”

  ”I don’t know.” Sister Xian smiled faintly and spoke, “Sir only instructed that this place should be maintained with emphasis, and that I must be personally present to oversee the daily maintenance, but as for the rest, I was never told about it.”

  ”Alright.” Lin Wan’er nodded slightly in thought, then sighed, “This is really a good place to cultivate one’s body and soul, if I could, I would like to live here for twenty years or even longer.”

  Sister Xian smiled faintly and said respectfully, “Sir has already said that Miss Lin can stay here forever if she likes, and as long as you live here, you are the real owner of this place.”

  As Sister Xian was the housekeeper here, Qiu Ying Shan did not deliberately act in Lin Wan’er’s identity.