The Real Dragon Chapter 5215

While Charlie wade, Claire and his old husband, Jacob, were eating in the restaurant, Elaine hid in his room and quietly opened the short video platform.

  In this era where everyone can be a host, even a dog can start a live broadcast online, the only difference is whether there is an audience or not.

  Elaine fumbled around and created her own live streaming room, entering the words “Sister Elaine Live Streaming Room” in the live streaming room name field.

  She then completed the creation of her live streaming room and started her first online live broadcast in her life.

  As soon as the live broadcast started, Elaine started to look for ways to add shopping carts, because she had seen Benedict’s live broadcast and knew that the most important thing about live streaming is to bring goods, and bringing goods requires a small yellow cart, and she had to put up the links to the goods she wanted to sell so that consumers could place orders.

  However, she fumbled for half a day, but did not find the shopping cart operation entrance.

  In desperation, she opened a search engine and typed in the keyword: “Why is there no small yellow car in the live broadcast?”

  The search results came up and broke Elaine.

  She looked at the highest ranked answer and muttered, “The followers must be more than one thousand before you can open the small yellow carts …… D*mn it! It takes a thousand more fans?!”

  Elaine cursed, then looked at her fan list and there was not a single fan.

  Before this, Elaine only watched but did not post on the short video platform, even her account nickname was the system default, so she did not have many followers or friends.

  When she saw the mandatory requirement of 1,000 followers to open a small yellow car, she was depressed and thought to herself, “This stupid platform is too bullsh*t, why do you have to have 1,000 followers to live stream your goods? Why do you have to have 1,000 followers to live stream a product?”

  Immediately, she searched for a new keyword: “How can I add a small yellow car if I don’t have a thousand followers?”

  The first answer showed: If you don’t have enough followers, you should create more short videos that fit the hot topics, and try to add some popular tags and positioning to your videos, the system algorithm will give the tags and positioning to the users to increase your exposure, of course, you can also directly open a live broadcast, through the live broadcast to attract the attention of fans, this will be faster, really can not, go to the e-commerce platform to buy a thousand fans, there are special brush The first thing you can do is to buy a thousand followers from an e-commerce platform.

  When Elaine saw this, she couldn’t help but grunt: “I still need to buy followers? I can’t afford to lose face! It’s too slow to shoot short videos one by one, why don’t we just go live!”

  With that, she switched back to the short video software and started her own virgin show.

  It was easy to start a live broadcast, but whether anyone would watch it was a big problem.

  The problem that Elaine was facing now was that the live stream was on, but the number of people in the room was always 0.

  After waiting for 20 minutes, there was still no one in the room, so Elaine couldn’t help but frown: “Why is there no one there? Is the official targeting me on purpose and not giving me traffic?”

  Thinking ahead, Elaine opened the search engine again and searched for why no one was watching the live stream.

  She soon found what she thought was a reliable answer, which read: If a newcomer is cold-started, traffic growth will be very slow, it is better to be able to hot-start, first actively attract a group of users in, and then find ways to enhance fan retention, so that the official algorithm can also capture the data of your live room, the official found that your data is good, the algorithm will automatically give you traffic, actively attract users’ There are many ways, but the easiest is to invest in official promotion, first invest a couple of thousand dollars to promote your own live room, the effect is immediate.”