The Real Dragon Chapter 5233

The old lady’s words sent a shock through Charlie wade’s heart.

  Subconsciously, he thought that the old lady had really not had her memory erased by her own aura, as he had guessed before.

  This kind of thing had never happened in Charlie wade’s personal perception.

  So he subconsciously thought that this old lady could have somehow mastered the aura as well.

  So, he tentatively asked, “Grandma Jiang, why do you ask that?”

  Seeing that Charlie wade seemed to be defensive, the old lady herself said very frankly, “Young man, I won’t hide it from you, I am just guessing in my mind.”

  After saying that, she gave a slight pause and continued, “When we were rescued from Mexico by those heroes and heroines, I found that not only my youngest and I, but everyone on the bus had suffered from memory loss, we all remembered how we were tricked into going there and how those people brutalized us, but we could not remember how we were rescued. “

  ”The heroes and heroines told us that it was some kind of tear gas or something they used that made our memories go missing, and at first I believed it, but then I soon realised a problem ……”

  Speaking of which, the old lady subconsciously touched her right wrist and said seriously, “I have an ancestral bracelet, the thing looks a lot like a chicken blood vine, it probably doesn’t even look worth five dollars, before my memory loss I could be sure it was still on my hand, but when I woke up from the bus, it was gone… …”

  After saying that, the old lady hurriedly explained, “Don’t misunderstand, young man, my old lady is not suspecting that someone stole it from me, I am suspecting that I myself, during the time when my memory was missing, gave that object to someone else, after all, it looked worthless, and under those circumstances, no one would ever steal it, the only possibility is that I took it off myself of it.”

  After a slight pause, the old lady looked at Charlie wade and said seriously, “That thing is very important to me, it has been pa*sed down to our family for over a thousand years, if it wasn’t a great favour, my old lady would never be able to take it out, so I personally speculate that I should have given it to my benefactor on my own initiative during the period of time when my memory was missing, I just don’t know what great miraculous power my benefactor has that I don’t know what kind of magic power your benefactor has that he can make so many of us have no memory of him at all.”

  When Charlie wade heard this, her heart was even more appalled.

  She had originally thought that the old lady had suddenly asked if she was the saviour of their mothers, most likely because she was immune to her aura in some way.

  But he never expected that the old lady in front of him, who was in her eighties, would have such a strong logical mind.

  She was completely combining the details before and after the memory loss to argue that someone had erased her memory.

  On the side, Chen Zekai was also dumbfounded as he listened.

  Naturally, he knew that Charlie wade was very skilled, but he did not expect that an old woman from the mountains could use the limited clues to identify Charlie wade.

  At this moment, Charlie wade had a lot of thoughts in his mind.

  He had not expected that the old lady had such thinking ability, and now for him, how to solve the problem at hand was the key.

  If he did not want to expose himself, he could erase all of the old lady’s memories of Mexico, but that would obviously be inhumane.

  Moreover, Charlie wade felt that although the old lady had recognized himself, she was in no way malicious towards him, and there was no need for him to be overly cautious.

  Since the old lady herself had already driven the point home, it would be better to open up the sky and speak the truth, only then could he truly understand the old lady’s identity and background.