The Real Dragon Chapter 5270

  Lin Wan’er said seriously, “You instinctively don’t want to think of Charlie wade as strong, you always think that he can’t be that powerful, that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall can’t be conquered by him, that the life and death of the Banks family, the Ito family and those Japanese families can’t be in his hands, and that those unimaginable things can’t be done by his own hands. true identity, and even if you had spent time with him, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have seen through his true identity.”

  I’ve seen Charlie wade’s true strength, and I know how much weight his strength carries, so in my heart, I’m willing to think of him as the strongest. I instinctively want to believe that it must be Charlie wade’s doing.”

  Sun Zhidong pondered for a moment, nodded gently and said, “What Miss said is very true …… I was influenced by my subjective perceptions to influence my objective judgement, if I subjectively believe that something is false, my objective logical thinking will also acquiesce to the correctness of my subjective perceptions, and I will not bother to correct my mistakes. “

  Lin Wan’er nodded and said seriously, “Charlie wade’s wife and mother-in-law live with him all day long, it is impossible that they cannot find out the clues, but once they subjectively believe that Charlie wade will not be that capable, or that Charlie wade is just an orphan and cannot have any great background, then when they find out the clues, they will not bother to dig deeper and think about it, in that case, Charlie wade will only In that case, Charlie wade would only need to follow this subjective perception of theirs and casually make up a reason, and then he would be able to fool them, making them subconsciously dawn on them that that so-called telos was really because of this.”

  At this time, Qiu Ying Shan on the side could not help but sigh: “This Charlie wade has the Wade family behind him, the An family, his own strength is also unmatched, after the battle of Wade Lingshan, and took in the Banks family and the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, the Banks family, strength further, in addition to this, there is the Japanese Ito family …… but even so, he can still take the initiative to show weakness, low-profile development, and spoil the shame, it seems that this person is indeed extremely uncomplicated!”

  Lin Wan’er said indifferently: “The reason for pampering is probably due to his character on the one hand, on the other hand, it also means that at this moment, in his eyes, he still has a big enemy, you and I feel that his current strength is already very strong, but he himself feels that he can’t reveal his sharpness yet, and he still has to lie down and try to make a secret move.”

  Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er’s expression had become somewhat uncontrollably excited as she clenched her fist and said, “It seems that he has long been prepared to live and die with the Broken Qing Society! This is exactly the same as me! I really want to meet with him today, confess everything to him, and then join hands with him to deal with the Qing Breaking Society!”

  Sun Zhidong said, “If you want to do so, I can contact Lord wade and open up to him, so I think we can get Charlie wade to meet with you.”

  Lin Wan’er thought about it and waved her hand, “No, it’s not ripe yet, after all, I have put on a show in front of him. I don’t want a comrade who is always on my guard, I want to work with him on the basis of 100% mutual trust. I want to work together with him on the basis of 100% mutual trust to fight against the Qing Breaking Society.”

  At this point, Lin Wan’er suddenly let out a long sigh and lamented, “I’m so looking forward to starting school soon! I’ll get to know Claudia first in September, meet Charlie wade through Claudia again in October, let Charlie wade drop his guard in November, then I can confess my true identity and origin to him step by step, give him a little more time to digest and accept it, and then we can join hands with him in December to discuss how to deal with the Qing Breaking Society!”