The Real Dragon Chapter 5319

“Your young master?!”

  Fitz Banks was surprised and asked, “May I ask who your young master is?”

  The middle-aged man said with a respectful expression, “My young master is Charlie wade of Aurous Hill!”

  ”Charlie wade?!” When Fitz Banks learned that the middle-aged man in front of him was actually sent by Charlie wade to invite him back, his heart was instantly shocked!

  He looked at the man and asked in surprise, “You said that Mr. Wade invited me back?”

  ”Yes.” The middle-aged man nodded and said seriously, “The plane is already at the airport waiting to take off, and Mr. Wade means to send you back to Aurous Hill as soon as possible.”

  Fitz Banks’s eyes widened and he spoke, “Hello, I want to know, I haven’t reached the end of the line yet, why is Mr. Wade letting me go back now?”

  The middle-aged man did not make any concealment and said bluntly, “Young Master Banks, your father, Mr. Zayne Banks, is getting married soon and the wedding is being held in Aurous Hill, Mr. Wade’s intention is for me to pick you up to go back to the wedding first and then come back to continue the pilgrimage after the wedding is over.”

  ”My father is getting married?” Fitz Banks’s jaw dropped a little for a moment, but he quickly calmed down and opened his mouth to ask, “May I ask if my father is getting married to Auntie He?”

  The middle-aged man shook his head and said with an apologetic face, “Sorry, Young Master Banks, I’m not sure of the details, I’m the head of the Wade family in Shaanxi and Jin provinces, I don’t know much about the situation in Aurous Hill.”

  After saying that, he added, “Young Master Banks, my young master hopes that you will arrive as soon as possible, he said that your sister is waiting for you in Aurous Hill, and your father and your mother are also in Aurous Hill, so by going back sooner, you can also have more time to reunite with them.”

  Fitz Banks came back to his senses and nodded hastily, “Yes, yes! Thank you for your hard work!”

  After saying that, he looked at his surroundings and asked the middle-aged man, “Can you please record exactly where I am now?”

  The middle-aged man said, “Don’t worry, Young Master Banks, I have already recorded the gps coordinates, and I will still be responsible for sending you over when the time comes.”

  Fitz Banks then put his mind at ease, and was about to get on the plane when he saw that he was dirty, so he said with some embarra*sment, “I might get the upholstery of your helicopter dirty ……”

  The middle-aged man smiled and said, “It’s fine, you don’t have to care, let’s just hurry up and get going!”

  ”Alright.” Only then did Fitz Banks nodded and stepped onto the helicopter.

  As the helicopter took off, Fitz Banks kept looking at the place where he had just boarded, wanting to remember the geography of the place so that he could make sure he wouldn’t get it wrong when he returned.

  As the helicopter rose higher and higher, he looked at the majestic and majestic Qinling Mountains in front of him, and his heart swelled with longing and reverence.

  What he didn’t know was that the whole process, from before the helicopter had landed until he finished his conversation with the middle-aged man and got on the helicopter again, was being accurately captured on camera.

  The video, at this point, had already been sent to Isaac Cameron’s mobile phone.

  Charlie wade was in the sky garden at the moment, quietly watching Nanaeko Ito carefully arrange a bouquet of flowers she had brought from Japan.

  With her long and slender fingers, Ito Nanaeko carefully matched the different flowers together. The bouquet already had a wonderful beauty, a beauty that was unprecedented for Charlie wade, for Xion Banks and Zara Banks.