The Real Dragon Chapter 5338

  But if Fitz Banks failed this test, then from today onwards, although he could regain his freedom, he would never be allowed to get his hands on the Banks family’s properties.

  Because he was looking for a man for Zara Banks who was absolutely trustworthy and loyal, he could not plant any hidden dangers in this candidate, but if Fitz Banks had even the slightest thought of giving up on this pilgrimage, he would exclude him.

  Deana and Zara Banks did not know Charlie wade’s true intentions, and when they heard that Charlie wade was willing to give Fitz Banks a lenient chance, they naturally could not hide their excitement in their hearts, hoping that Fitz Banks would agree to it in the meantime.

  But Fitz Banks hesitated for a moment, but spoke, “Mr Wade, thank you for your kindness, but I still want to finish the pilgrimage this time.”

  Charlie wade said expressionlessly, “Think carefully, it will be more difficult further on, you will enter the mountains, enter the plateau, enter the no-man’s land, and even go over several mountains at an altitude of four to five kilometres, you will no longer be surrounded by modern cities, instead, there is an almost untouched primitive world, where the environment is treacherous, surrounded by wild animals, it is likely that an ordinary A normal plateau reaction could kill you.”

  Fitz Banks nodded and said sincerely, “I know the road behind me will be tough, but I still want to finish this and not give up halfway …… I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t have faith or awe before, but through these months of experience, I’ve got my own faith in my heart, and this faith is not a religion, but perseverance towards a goal, I hope I can have the character to never give up, and walking through this pilgrimage is the first step to having this character, if I give up now, then I might not even get another chance in the future ……”

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but be a little impressed with Fitz Banks.

  To be able to say these words, Fitz Banks had indeed not wasted these past six months.

  Thus, he nodded and spoke, “Since you have already made up your mind, then I won’t say much more, there is still a long road ahead, in the process, if you feel pressure and difficulties, you can quit at any time, I won’t blame you, let alone stop you.”

  Fitz Banks arched his hand and said, “Okay Mr. Wade, I understand!”

  Charlie wade added: “However, for the rest of the journey, if you are not prepared to quit, then you will not be given the chance to come back and rest halfway, you will have to keep walking to the end, and when you reach the Da Zhao Monastery, I will arrange for a plane to pick you up and bring you back.”

  ”Good!” Fitz Banks said without thinking, “Please rest assured, Mr. Wade, I will definitely succeed in reaching Dazhao Monastery!”

  Charlie wade nodded, stood up and said to Deana, “Auntie Deana, I will not disturb your family reunion, I will come back to pay a visit another day!”

  Deana didn’t expect Charlie wade to leave so soon, and in this instant, she suddenly figured out the purpose of Charlie wade’s visit, and thought to herself, “Charlie wade should not have come here today to pay a visit, but to test Fitz, to see what choice he would make after getting the termination right, and now that Fitz has made his choice, Charlie wade is ready to leave ……”

  Thinking of this, she also roughly guessed Charlie wade’s deeper purpose and could not help but feel a little joy in her heart.

  She also stood up and said to Charlie wade very politely, “Then auntie will see you off!”

  At the side, Zara Banks did not expect Charlie wade to suddenly leave, so she subconsciously asked, “Mr Wade, won’t you sit down for a while?”

  Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “I won’t sit down, another day.”

  After saying that, he got up and walked out.

  Deana, with his pair of children, sent Charlie wade out the door, and only after Charlie wade got into the car did he let out a long breath and turned to Fitz Banks and said, “Fitz, it seems that you have passed the test Charlie wade gave you!”