The Real Dragon Chapter 5380

  Old Zhang said with a respectful arch of his hand, “Old slave obeys!”

  After saying that, he remembered something and hurriedly asked, “Right Miss, old slave heard from Ying Shan that you have found the person you are looking for?”

  ”Yes.” Lin Wan’er nodded and spoke, “He is in Aurous Hill, although you no longer remember him, he definitely still remembers you, so during this period of time, you should not leave Zijinshan Village so as not to expose your identity.”

  Old Zhang respectfully said, “Yes Miss, old servant understands!”

  As he spoke, several household servants walked in carrying a large pile of items packed in special foam.

  Old Zhang counted them one by one to make sure they were all right before letting them leave, and then said to Lin Wan’er, “Miss, I brought out a total of eighty-three items from Northern Europe that day, and they are all here.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and said with some impatience, “Quickly bring me my Chenghua blue-and-white seawater Yinglong jar.”

  ”Miss, wait a moment!”

  Old Zhang answered and hurriedly found a blue and white porcelain jar about the size of a basketball from among the eighty-three items, and then handed this jar to Lin Wan’er.

  Lin Wan’er opened the lid, and the rich aroma of tea came out from it.

  Lin Wan’er took out a piece of Pu’er tea cake from inside and could not help but sigh, “I’ve been hoping for it for so many days, but finally I’ve got it.”

  After that, she picked up the teapot on the charcoal fire and poured out all the tea from it, then she took out a Pu’er tea knife and prepared to separate the piece of Pu’er tea cake in her hand.

  But just as the tip of the knife touched the tea cake, she withdrew it and muttered, “This is the last piece ……”

  Seeing this, Old Zhang hurriedly said, “Miss, didn’t you say earlier that if you finish this last tea cake early, you won’t have to think about it later?”

  Lin Wan’er sighed softly and long, looked at this tea cake and murmured, “It’s better to keep this last piece, I want to wait for the day when I open up with him and cook it for him personally to taste.”

  The three old men’s expressions were all astonished, and after exchanging glances, old Zhang bowed and said, “Miss, old slave dares to ask one more question, do you really intend to open up with that gentleman?”

  ”Yes.” Lin Wan’er said seriously, “He has saved my life and shares a common enemy with me, if the opportunity is right, I should reveal my life and tell him everything, only then will I have a chance to truly work with him.”

  After saying this, she suddenly said with some excitement, “Right old , ask Sister Xian to buy me an eight-foot wooden table, another eight-foot piece of Xuan paper, and two pieces of the best ink, I want to paint a picture.”

   Yingshan was surprised and said, “Miss, you want to paint an eight-foot painting? That’s a bit too much work and effort, isn’t it?”

  In Chinese painting, one zhang eight feet means six metres long and two and a half metres wide, which is basically the largest size in Chinese painting, and using such a large size for a painting would be more than a huge undertaking.

  Lin Wan’er said with a firm expression, “It’s not a problem, there are so many scenes I want to paint, one square foot is barely enough, besides, I have at least twenty days to paint them slowly, there is no hurry.”

   Ying Shan smiled and said respectfully, “Yes, Miss, I will arrange for Xian to do it later!”

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