The Real Dragon Chapter 5398

At this moment, Charlie wade could not help but feel some excitement in his heart.

  He asked Callu Bert, “How did your parents bypass the surveillance of the Broken Qing Society to contact you?”

  Callu Bert explained, “According to my father, when he was in the Huben Battalion, although his qualifications were only the worst grade, he was trusted by the head of the Huben Battalion because he could handle people, plus he had another son and daughter with my mother during his ten years in the Huben Battalion, so his overall stability was much stronger in the eyes of the Broken Clear Society;”

  ”Later, the Broken Clear Society dispatched them to Sa’udi in the Middle East, ostensibly as a couple running a Chinese restaurant in Sa’udi, but in reality they were secret sentries planted in Sa’udi by the Broken Clear Society to keep an eye on the Sa’udi royal family as well as other powers, and once the Broken Clear Society had an order, they had to carry it out immediately.”

  Charlie wade exclaimed, “You can still have children in the Huben camp?”

  ”Yes!” Callu Bert nodded and said, “This was a way that my father had come to his own realization and was able to paralyze the senior management of the Qing Breaking Society. No one had children in Huben Camp, and my parents were the first pair ever, and my father felt that as long as he had a child in Huben Camp, he would be able to prove with practical actions that he and my mother had a deep bond between the two of them, that they were each other’s ties and weaknesses, and that they were willing to have children under the Qing Breaking Society ‘s control to have a child, it would also prove that they recognized the Broken Qing Society itself enough, and that after the child was born, in the eyes of the Broken Qing Society, it would be the same as an ancient pledge, so the Broken Qing Society would trust them even more.”

  Saying that, Callu Bert added, “It was also because of this that my parents were able to have the opportunity to be sent out, and those who could really be sent out were those who were deeply trusted by the Broken Clear Society, because the Broken Clear Society would give them maximum freedom in order for their identities not to be exposed.”

  Charlie wade suddenly understood and sighed, “In that case, that third aunt of mine should also be deeply trusted by the Broken Clear Society.”

  Callu Bert nodded and said, “Maybe it was the Broken Qing Society that raised her from a young age, my two younger siblings that I have never met have been raised in isolation by the Broken Qing Society.”

  Charlie wade asked, “What is isolated cultivation?”

  Callu Bert explained, “It means that the children are isolated from their parents, the parents are sent away and the children stay with the Broken Clear Society to be nurtured until they reach adulthood, although the Broken Clear Society may also send the children to the world early on to pack their identities for emergencies.”

  Speaking of this, Callu Bert asked Charlie wade, “You said your third aunt is from the Broken Clear Society, how did she and your third uncle meet?”

  ”College classmates, I guess.” Charlie wade said, “It seems to be my third uncle’s school sister.”

  Callu Bert nodded and said, “Then it’s likely that in order to take care of your Third Uncle, the Broken Qing Society has arranged a dozen girls of different identities, backgrounds and even races around your Third Uncle at the same time, and whichever one your Third Uncle sees is the one, they can do such things.”

  Charlie wade faintly froze, but quickly recovered as normal.

  At first glance, this possibility Callu Bert mentioned seemed to raise a lot of people, but in reality, this was the way to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

  At that time, only Third Uncle was still unmarried in the An family, and if the Broken Qing Society wanted to plant a bomb within the An family, Third Uncle was the best breakthrough point, and it was the only chance.

  If only Third Uncle was sent alone, in case she failed, the line would not be able to advance.

  The best way was to arrange a large number of girls of all kinds, and all of them were very good and innocent women, so that these women would appear one after another at Third Uncle’s side, and as long as one of them succeeded, the mission would be successfully completed.

  Charlie wade marvelled at Broken Qing Hui’s mind to the point that he asked Callu Bert again, “Uncle Callu, your parents are still in Saoudi?”

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