The Real Dragon Chapter 5406

Hearing Charlie wade’s instruction, Wan Bajun said without thinking, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will do my best to dare to make a good layout before the other party comes, when the time comes, I will personally go to the copper mine and sit in the town, I will make sure that he will not come back!”

  ”Good!” Charlie wade said, “Right Broken Army, I have one more thing, since the plan to overthrow the nest is on the line, then I suggest that we might as well start the evacuation of personnel earlier.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Once the other party suspects that there is something wrong with this base or wants to come to this base to check for clues, they will only make an entry point from the ground, and we won’t act with him, we will open fire and finish him off at the first opportunity, so there is no need for the dead soldiers underground and their families to remain underground;”

  ”I suggest you prepare a cargo ship now and wait for the night to evacuate all the dead soldiers and their families to the ship first, so that the primus guards and their families above ground are also ready to retreat at any time, just like an earthquake drill, and arrange the details of the retreat first;”

  ”For example, once the retreat starts, who is responsible for covering the families, who is responsible for the headcount, who is responsible for the transfer of important supplies, who is responsible for the final full-scale demolition, everyone divide the work in advance, this will also reduce the pressure of the transfer when the overwhelming nest plan starts, if only the ground manpower is retained, when the time comes, you can let them devote their energy to take down the close defence guns and take them away in time, after all, your Syrian base has to be used as well.”

  ”No problem!” Wan Xiaojun immediately said, “My subordinate will first kidnap Blackwater’s men, then I will go to the copper mine and plan it properly with my master, so that he can start working on the preparations immediately!”

  Charlie wade urged, “By the way, don’t kidnap anyone from Syria, after all, you are in Syria now, if you do kidnap someone, it is possible that you will also be suspected.”

  I will kidnap them from Iraq and bring them back to Syria quietly.”

  Charlie wade smiled, “Good! Let’s do it!”


  At this very moment.

  The outskirts of the city of Nordic Bergen.

  The farm where Lin Wan’er had lived at first had been tightly sealed off by the police.

  The farm, the wooden structure of the cottage, had burnt down to a single frame, but even so, multiple police cordons had been drawn around it.

  When the police first found a number of burnt bodies here, and most of them died of gunshot wounds, this was immediately classified as a major criminal case, a rarity in Northern Europe in recent years, and the Nordic police have been racking their brains to investigate, but have not been able to find any clues.

  At the moment, all the bodies at the scene have been taken away and disposed of, all the useful physical evidence and clues have been extracted, and all that remains is this ruin where someone once died.

  A vintage Porsche 911 with an open top roared down the country road and pulled up to the side of the road where the farm ruins were located.

  Driving the car was a middle-aged Asian man who looked to be in his thirties, while on the passenger side sat a beautiful Asian woman who looked to be in her early thirties and charming.

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