The Real Dragon Chapter 5458

  Then this copper mine as the place where the militants used the close-in defence gun to defend, it was likely that it was indeed a military base.

  Even if it is not a real military base, at the very least it has a huge and unknown secret!

  The commander said nervously, “No…… this is a matter of great importance, I need to report it to the President immediately!”

  After giving a detailed report of the situation, he respectfully hung up the phone and instructed the men around him, “Gentlemen, the President has ordered that the collapse of the copper mine may lead to unrest, so it must be kept strictly confidential and no news must be revealed to the foreign media, especially not a word about the close defense guns! Don’t mention a word about it!”

  The men looked at each other, and the adjutant could not help but say, “Boss, it is not a problem to keep the news from the outside world, but with all the commotion going on here, it will be difficult to hide it from the public, and what if there are doubts at home?”

  The commander said, “I will immediately inform the people in charge of the surrounding cities and have them announce to the people in their jurisdictions that this copper mine has been depleted and has also reached its design life, moreover, due to the over-exploitation inside, there is already a tendency for it to collapse, so in order to prevent uncontrollable collapse from causing damage, this time it is a planned artificial abandonment, and all the people inside the copper mine have completed evacuation, so that there is no need for everyone to panic.”

  This was a reasonable statement, and everyone thought there was no big problem, after all, only one person’s DNA was found here, which proved that everyone else had already evacuated before the explosion and collapse occurred, causing no casualties.

  Since there were no casualties, the matter could naturally be suppressed.

  So, the crowd was relieved.

  The commander then ordered, “Immediately notify everyone that all excavation has been stopped, and all drilling has been stopped immediately.

  The men nodded their heads.

  The commander added, “Also, we need to find a way to mobilise a large amount of construction rubbish from the surrounding construction sites as soon as possible, so that the collapsed part of the copper mine can be refilled within 72 hours!”

  The adjutant asked, “Boss, even if we fill up the area, the warheads and shells inside will still be there, and there is still a chance that they will be discovered in the future!”

  The commanding officer said, “Don’t worry, what the top brass is saying is that after filling the area, they will immediately harden it and then seal it off and put a special guard on it, and then a trusted department will take over after the wind has passed.

  The crowd was suddenly enlightened.

  If this was the case, it would basically put an end to any future problems.

  So, all of them said in unison, “Yes, sir!”

  After saying that, they immediately left the tent and each began to follow the commander’s orders.

  At this moment, Viclof Hawkins outside the tent was already so nervous that he was covered in cold sweat, and his body could not help but tremble.

  In his heart, he was already terrified to the extreme.

  Such a major accident was the first time in the entire history of the Qing Breaking Association in several hundred years.

  The point is, as the governor of the right army capital, he could have had the entire base of dead soldiers stolen under his nose, and also ambushed and killed Jian Gong Bo Jordan Bojun here, if this were to reach the ears of the British lord, I am afraid that he would not escape death ……

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