The Real Dragon Chapter 5584

The An family manages projects, and normally, it is difficult for others to get a chance even if they are rushing to take a stake with their money.

  Moreover, even if some of the An family’s projects are open for investment, not everyone can get a share of the investment. The An family has always been harsh in its selection of partners, and if their assets do not meet the threshold requirements, they will not be able to invest even if they have money.

  What’s more, if outsiders want to invest in the An family’s projects, it’s like investing in a financial fund. Even if they get the opportunity, they have to pay a certain percentage of the management fee to the An family’s handlers, and this management fee has to be at least 25%.

  If it is a US$10 billion project and the An family gives 40% of the amount to the outside world, it may seem that each percentage point corresponds to US$100 million, but in fact, the outside world has to pay at least US$125 million to get a percentage point of the share.

  However, An Chongqiu’s offer to Jasmine Moore is to give Moore’s group 10% of the shares for nothing, and if the rest is to be subscribed by Moore’s group, the management fee is not charged at all, which is simply unheard of in the An family’s cooperation projects.

  Jasmine Moore was also a little frightened for a while.

  She did not dare to accept such a large benefit from the An family all at once, even though Charlie wade had long ago instructed her that she could accept whatever terms An Chongqiu offered her, but after hearing An Chongqiu finish the two projects, Jasmine Moore was already stunned by the An family’s gesture.

  So, she hesitated for a moment and opened her mouth to say to An Chongqiu: “Mr. An, thank you for valuing the Moore Group so much, it’s just that as the saying goes, you don’t get what you deserve, how can the Moore Group be so virtuous as to ask the An Family to cede so much interest ……”

  An Chongqiu was afraid that Jasmine Moore would not dare to ask for it, he said: “Miss Moore, you should not have any psychological burden, the An family put forward these sincere, in order to be able to strengthen cooperation with the Moore Group, after all, the An family is new to Aurous Hill, if we can join forces with a local enterprise like the Moore Group, the An family can also save a lot of familiar with the local market, mediation of local relations process. “

  Saying that, he added: “Also, Miss Moore doesn’t have to give me an immediate answer now, this matter I’m talking about today is valid for a long time.”

  An Chongqiu knew very well in his heart that behind Jasmine Moore was that benefactor, he himself now approached her to give a big gift, then she would also definitely communicate with that benefactor first to see what exactly that benefactor meant.

  Although Jasmine Moore had Charlie wade’s authorization, she did not dare to accept all these benefits at this time. Hearing what An Chongqiu said, she was slightly relieved, so she said, “In that case, then Mr. An will allow me to think about it.”

  ”No problem!” An Chongqiu smiled and said, “After I leave, Miss Moore can think about it, if you think my proposal today is fine, then we can make another appointment, or if Miss Moore is not convenient, you can also designate a person in charge to make an appointment with me to meet and settle the specific matters.”

  ”Good!” Jasmine Moore nodded gently and said, “I will give Mr. An an answer after I have considered it.”

  An Chongqiu said with a smile, “In that case, then I won’t delay Miss Moore much, Miss Moore will get busy first, I’ll go back.”

  Jasmine Moore said, “I’ll see you out.”

  Jasmine Moore sent An Chongqiu to the door of her office, then asked her assistant to send An Chongqiu downstairs, while she herself returned to her office and called Charlie wade.

  On the phone, Jasmine Moore gave a detailed report of what An Chongqiu had just mentioned to Charlie wade, and after listening to it, Charlie wade could not help but smile, “It seems that this great uncle of mine is indeed quite sincere, if these two collaborations between the Moore Group and the An family can be landed, the market value of the Moore Group could possibly double or even more within the next year.”

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