The Real Dragon Chapter 5600

  Jaro Bo glanced at Gapin San Ren, who immediately stepped forward and said in an unquestionable tone, “Jackie trunt, Senior Elder Jaroqing has important business to attend to! No one is allowed to interfere with the delay! The questions you wish to understand have already been told to me by Master Jaroqing, and I will relay them to you word for word later!”

  With that, he added a warning, “However, let me say something ugly up front, if anyone delays Master Jaroqing’s important business, then he will never have the chance to peek into the Way of Eternal Life!”

  The crowd’s expressions were awe-inspiring, and no one dared to ask any more questions at once.

  And Jackie trunt, who had been named, panicked and respectfully said, “Disciple Jackie trunt, send off Master Jaroqing with respect!”

  The crowd instantly reacted and said in unison, “Greetings to Senior Elder Jaroqing!”

  Uncle Jaro stroked his long beard and left with a dashing stride. The crowd was just about to come out to see him off when they heard Uncle Jaro say, without looking back, “Stay, senior nephews, there is no need to see him off.”

  Seeing him leave, Gapin San Ren hurriedly called his disciples to the secret room and told them all about his agreement with him.

  Unlike Jaro Bo, Gapin San Ren had grown up in Chang Yun Guan since he was a child, and was now the supervisor of Chang Yun Guan, so he was very attached to it. Now that he had the opportunity to peek into the Way of Eternal Life, he naturally did not want to eat alone.

  After hearing this, the group of senior disciples thought they had seized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so they too were excited beyond addition.

  So, the crowd stared at Lin Wan’er’s picture for a long time, to completely engrave her appearance in their minds.

  And then, Gapin Sanren instructed, “Fellow disciples, tonight you need to select absolutely trustworthy people from among your disciples and draw up a list for me, and tomorrow I will gather those on your list and dispatch them all out after showing them this girl’s photo!”

  All of them immediately agreed and said with one voice, “Please don’t worry, Senior Supervisor!”

  The elder brother said, “By the way, all of you, I would like to say something from the bottom of my heart to you. In that case, it is conservatively estimated that Master Jaroqing’s Yang life span will also reach two hundred years!”

  With these words, Gapin Sanren immediately raised everyone’s expectation and desire for longevity to another level.

  Jackie trunt couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Supervisor, in your opinion, how many years can Elder Jaroqing’s life expectancy reach?”

  Gapin Sanren shook his head and sighed, “When I was a child, I heard from my master that hundreds and thousands of years ago, there were some immortal masters who had really mastered spiritual qi, and they could easily have a life expectancy of two to three hundred years, and some even had a life expectancy of five hundred years. If his cultivation still improves after two hundred years, he might be able to live even longer!”

  At this point, Gapin Sanren said with a stern expression, “Brothers, you must not tell anyone about Elder Qing’s return and the Way of Longevity, as this is a matter of great importance and any mistake may affect our future! When we meet Master Jaroqing today, I believe that none of you would like to die before you are a hundred years old, right?”

  The crowd looked solemn and reached with one voice: “No!”

  Master Gapin nodded and admonished, “Then remember what I said!”


  Into the night.

  Uncle Jaro is sitting on the floor in his temporary residence.

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