The Real Dragon Chapter 5772

  Wu Fiona was instantly anxious and said offhandedly, “Senior brother! How could you be so obtuse? That old thing himself has lived for a thousand years, so why did he only give us pills to live up to five hundred years? It’s obvious that he has reservations about you and me, and they are great reservations!”

  Lin Yilu waved his hand, “It’s just Fiona, I’m a brother to your brother, you and I should get together and part ways, I’ll stay here and observe filial piety for my master for three years, you leave on your own.”

  Wu Fiona was furious and stomped his feet, saying offhandedly, “Senior brother! How can you let me go alone at this time? Don’t you know how much I’ve loved you all these years? Since you dislike me for complaining about senior, well, then I take back what I just said, since senior gave us two pills that can live for 500 years, then why don’t we eat the pills together, become husband and wife, and live out these 500 years properly?”

  Lin Yilu said with a cold face: “Fiona, since the death of Wan Er her mother, I swore that I would never renew my marriage again, this life, in addition to the fight against the Qing Dynasty and the restoration of the Ming Dynasty, I only have one wish, that is, to take care of the Wan Er, although this potion can live for five hundred years, but I will not eat it, I can’t live to see the Wan Er grow old and die, if you have a heart to live for five hundred years, you should live on your own! “

  Wu Fiona clenched her teeth, questioned: “Senior brother, I have said to this point, you are still not willing to marry me?”

  Lin Yilu nodded, “I said, in this life, I will not renew my marriage.”

  Wu Fiona questioned him, “Then what about that pill of yours? Are you really not going to eat it?”

  Lin Yilu nodded his head again, “His honey, my arsenic, this Pill of Ancient Youthfulness will make a father watch his daughter gradually grow old, watch his daughter’s daughter gradually grow old, this kind of pill, to me, is no different from arsenic, I naturally won’t eat it.”

  ”Good!” Wu Fiona said in a cold voice, “Since senior brother doesn’t look at this elixir, don’t let it be given to me, if I can find a man of my choice, I can live with him until I’m five hundred years old and enjoy all the glory in this world!”

  Saying that, Wu Fiona added: “Right! There’s also that ring that Master gave you! Since you are so devoid of fighting spirit, there is no use for you to keep this ring, so why don’t you leave it all to me! As long as you give me these two things, I’ll immediately leave the Hundred Thousand Mountains, from today onwards, you walk your sunny path, I’ll cross my one-tree bridge, in this life, I’ll no longer bother you!”

  Lin Yilu shook his head, looked into the distance, and muttered, “The reason why the Ten Thousand Ancient Evergreen Pill is arsenic to me is all because I still have Wan’er as my daughter, but Wan’er is only seventeen years old, and she has yet to be married, so after I have observed three years of filial piety for my Master, I’m going to give this pill to her, and allow her to live out these five hundred years properly.”

  Wu Fiona stood behind Lin Yuru, his veins bulging!

  She quietly clenched one hand at her waist and said in a cold voice, “Senior brother, you really broke my heart, I, Wu Fiona, have lived such a big life, countless young talents want to marry me, only you do not put me in your eyes from the beginning to the end, and today, you are destroying my dao heart in such a way, so how can I live through the rest of these four hundred years properly!”

  After saying that, she did not wait for Lin Yilu to react, she immediately drew a soft sword from her waist, and with a flick of her wrist, that soft sword immediately became hard, and immediately, she stabbed that soft sword into the back of Lin Yilu’s heart with extremely fast speed!

  Lin Yilu could not have dreamt that the Wu Fiona who followed Wu Fernard around and was treated as his sister would kill him behind his back.

  He only felt a sharp pain in his heart, and his mind couldn’t help but think of his heartfelt daughter.

  Immediately after, his eyes went black, and his person instantly disappeared from the Hundred Thousand Mountains, from in front of Wu Fiona’s sword!

  When Wu Fiona thought that Lin Yilu would definitely die from his full force, Lin Yilu instantly disappeared without a trace in front of her!

  The only thing left was a hanging sword, and the blood dripping from the sword body. ……

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