The Real Dragon Chapter 5773

Lin Yilu disappeared into thin air in an instant, causing Wu Fiona’s entire being to be extremely appalled.

  She hadn’t thought to understand at first what exactly Lin Yilu’s disappearance into thin air was due to, and only after a long period of dismay did she realise that her senior brother must have been teleported elsewhere by that ring.

  This made her roar with indignation and gnash her teeth, “Old thing you are really biased! You said that my senior brother and I are not qualified to inherit your legacy, but you gave my senior brother a magic treasure that can move instantly! Why shouldn’t I, Wu Fiona, have one? By what right! You say! You say it!”

  The cave where Meng Changsheng was seated, as well as the severely injured Lin Yulu all disappeared, leaving only Wu Fiona herself, and her hysterical roar echoing between the valleys.

  After a long time, Wu Fiona expressionlessly wiped the blood above her soft sword, inserted the soft sword back into her waist, and said in a cold voice, “Senior brother, after today, you and I will be mortal enemies!”

  After saying that, she took a step towards the bottom of the mountain without looking back.

  More than ten days later, when she rushed to Diannan without stopping, she learnt that Lin Yilu had already entered the ground, and his most beloved daughter, Lin Wan’er, had also disappeared without a trace.

  After Wu Fiona dug up Lin Yilu’s grave and confirmed that Lin Yilu was dead and that the ring had not gone into the ground with him, she began her three-hundred-year-long hunt for Lin Wan’er.

  Because she had personally seen that the ring was able to teleport people thousands of miles away out of thin air at the moment of life and death, she had been stressing to the people responsible for hunting Lin Wan’er for so many years that Lin Wan’er had to be captured alive and could not be killed.

  However, after so many years had passed, she hadn’t been able to capture Lin Wan’er back.

  This matter made Wu Fiona extraordinarily irritated.

  A few moments later, Wu Fiona, who was in the Broken Qing Society’s compound, gradually withdrew her thoughts.

  Thinking back to that year, her heart was still indignant to this day.

  Over the past three hundred years, apart from chasing after Lin Wan’er, she had also been searching for the inheritance left behind by her master, but after so many years, she had not been able to find any clues.

  More than twenty years ago, a young couple entered the Hundred Thousand Mountains with a clue they had found by chance from overseas.

  Wu Fiona had always suspected that they had obtained the inheritance left behind by their master, but the suspicion had never been confirmed.

  And over these twenty years, Wu Fiona had also been trying to corroborate her suspicions, but even after exhausting her means, she still hadn’t got the answer she wanted.

  Nowadays, another heir to Master Teacher’s legacy suddenly revealed his identity and used Master Teacher’s portrait to warn himself, which made Wu Fiona feel an unprecedented sense of crisis and oppression.

  Although she didn’t dare to go to Aurous Hill, in order to find her master’s inheritance that had been cultivated for thousands of years, she decided to make another trip from the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

  She, who had always been incomparably cautious, didn’t dare to travel directly to China, so she was prepared to borrow Burma and return to China.

  Myanmar, there are thousands of kilometres of border line with Yunnan.

  The reason why Wu Fiona wanted to go to Myanmar was because she wanted to cross the border alone after she arrived in Myanmar and quietly enter Yunnan.

  If you want to go to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, flying into Vietnam is actually a bit closer than Myanmar, but Wu Fiona plans to go to Yunnan first, to visit Lin Yulu’s grave, and then travel from Yunnan to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains.


  At the same time.

  Aurous Hill’s Champs Spa Villa.

  The An family had waited anxiously for a whole day, but they couldn’t wait for Charlie wade’s figure.

  The family was restless all day, only wanting to see Charlie wade as soon as possible, to confirm with their own eyes that Charlie wade was safe and sound.

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