The Real Dragon Chapter 5775

Knowing that Charlie wade was coming for dinner, the An family was as happy as the New Year.

  The old lady opened the door for her children to help, tidied up the dining table, and arranged the cold dishes and cold cuts that Don Albert had ordered to be sent.

  The old master also kept chanting under his breath, “Today is a good day, when Charlie comes, I’ll say anything to have a few drinks!”

  An Youyouyou at the side hurriedly said, “Dad, your body has just recovered a little, it’s better not to drink.”

  ”Joke.” The old man said without thinking, “Wasn’t it for this day that your body recovered? How can I justify not drinking on such an important and happy day!”

  The old lady smiled and said, “Yoyo, if your father wants to drink, you can let him drink, after twenty years of hoping for his grandson to finally come back, not to mention him, even I want to drink a couple of cups.”

  An Chongqiu hurriedly said, “Mum, why don’t you ask Mr Albert to help prepare two bottles of red wine for you and Youyou to drink a little later.”

  The old lady smiled and said, “Okay! Then the two of us will drink some red wine, and the few of you will accompany your father and Charlie to drink some white wine.”

  ”Good!” An Chongqiu nodded and agreed.

  The old lady then said to Li Yalin, “Yalin, do you think you want to drink some as well?”

  ”Definitely want to drink!” Li Yalin said offhandedly, “Auntie, Mr Wade is my lifesaver, and today he’s finally coming back to reunite with your family in his true identity, so on such a happy day, I have to drink more!”

  The old lady agreed in a loud voice, already smiling at the thought of her grandson coming soon.

  A few people had just helped the old lady to arrange all the cold dishes, when they heard Don Albert at the door suddenly shouted, “Master Wade is here!”

  When the An family heard this, they became even more excited, and the old man said offhandedly, “Let’s go, let’s go together to greet Charlie!”

  The other An family members, as well as Li Yalin, barely hesitated and paused, and followed An Qishan as he quickly walked outside.

  At this time, Charlie wade had already arrived at the entrance of the villa in the BMW 5 Series that his old husband had eliminated and delegated to himself.

  Just after the car drove into the courtyard and stopped, the An family members, led by Elder An, greeted them all together.

  Charlie wade had not yet got out of the car, but when he saw his grandparents’ family in the car, his heart was still more or less nervous.

  And the An family, also very measured stopped in front of Charlie wade’s car about two metres position, with a smile on their faces, waiting for Charlie wade to come down from this car.

  Charlie wade took a deep breath, adjusted his mental state, then pushed open the car door and stepped out of the car.

  Just as soon as she got off the car, old lady An couldn’t hold back her emotions, and with red eyes, she went forward, grabbed Charlie wade’s hand, and choked, “Charlie, grandma has been looking forward to you for twenty years, and has finally brought you here ……”

  Charlie wade heart also some sigh sigh, this moment, then more grudges, but also by the feeling of family reunion washed away, that kind of blood is thicker than water feeling, let his heart can not help but be a little ashamed, so they are very sorry to open the mouth: “I’m sorry Grandma, let you wait for me for so long …… “

  Old Mrs An shook her head repeatedly, shedding tears while saying, “There is no need to say sorry, you didn’t apologise to grandma, it’s grandma and grandpa who are sorry to you!”

  On the side, Elder An also couldn’t help but have his eyes moistened by tears, murmuring on the side, “Charlie ah, these twenty years, the An family has been thinking of you all the time, we have searched all over the world in order to look for you, and we have searched more than once, but the only thing we didn’t think of was that you were in Jinling all along… …”

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