The Real Dragon Chapter 5792

The wide array of delicious meals were almost all made by the chefs of the Heavenly Fragrance House, Charlie wade had long since eaten too much of the flavours of the Heavenly Fragrance House, so he didn’t feel surprised, but the eggplant box made by his grandmother still brought back the feeling of his childhood.

  The An family was even happier, everyone poured wine for themselves, and the family raised a glass to celebrate for the sake of finding Charlie wade, and the excitement was overflowing.

  A few cups of wine down, one by one, the An family also opened up the conversation box, the people asked Charlie wade about the details of his life over the years, and at the same time, the things that the An family had done over the years were introduced to Charlie wade in detail.

  And then, everyone chatted the topic to Charlie wade saving the An Family from fire several times.

  This also just gave Charlie wade a chance to chat about the topic to the current hidden problems of the An Family.

  Charlie wade said, “I have always surmised that the Broken Qing Society must have placed other eyes in the An Family, otherwise the other party wouldn’t have been able to grasp all the movements of the An Family so easily, which is why, I’ve been letting Don Albert block the signals here and not letting you guys have any contact with the outside world, just because I’m afraid that you guys might have leaked to the outside world about what happened last night.”

  Charlie wade’s grandfather spoke, “Charlie, if there is still a mole in the An Family, where do you think our main direction will be if we find this person out?”

  Charlie wade spoke, “I believe that the traitor will definitely not appear to be a member of the An family themselves, but the probability is that it will also be someone very close to the An family.”

  Grandpa nodded and said with a grave expression, “The last one who had an accident was Festus, she and your third uncle, met on campus, and when they met, your parents had just passed away not long ago, so I think it should have been not long after your parents passed away that they started to quietly infiltrate the An family.”

  Charlie wade said approvingly, “Based on the details that my great uncle recalled today, I think that my parents should not have had any involvement with the Broken Clearance Society before they left the United States, and it was only after they obtained the Preface to the Nine Mysteries Scripture that they began to explore in that direction, and only then did they have the opportunity to come into contact with the Broken Clearance Society.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Moreover, the Broken Qing Society has a very special point, that is, in their choice of missions, they only use their own people, and the so-called their own people are those who are firmly in their hands, whether it is the dead soldiers, or the Primrose Guards, or those who are members of the world’s countries and trades that they have planted in the world, so I surmise that their informants in the An Family should be sent by their own people, not bought from the An Family.”

  ”Based on this, I feel that all those who came to the An Family before my parents left the United States can be ruled out as suspects, while all those who came to the An Family after my parents left the United States need to be investigated properly.”

  The old master frowned and said, “There are only two people in total who came to the An family after your parents left the United States, one is your so-called third aunt, and the other, is your sister-in-law’s husband ……”

  Saying this, he subconsciously looked up at An Youyou.

  An Yo Yo was also a little nervous all of a sudden, and said offhandedly, “Dad, Parker, he shouldn’t be suspected of anything, right? Isn’t his family also a long-established Chinese family in America? Besides, we know each other in the business field, it was the An family that had a cooperation with them first, and only then did we slowly get acquainted ……”

  An Qishan seriously said, “Yoyo, the enemy’s degree of cunning will only continue to exceed our imagination, so you must not show too much confidence in this matter.”

  An Youyou’s expression was a little apprehensive all of a sudden, she had known her husband for more than ten years and her daughter was twelve years old this year, she couldn’t believe that her husband would have any suspicions.

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