The Real Dragon Chapter 5814

  Ever since her master’s portrait was released in Aurous Hill, her mind had collapsed, completely losing the composure that a four hundred year old woman should have.

  She was alone looking at the flight chart in front of her, staring at the altitude and speed data above, she couldn’t help but curse in a low voice: “The faster modern technology develops, the more profit-oriented these sons of bitches are, the Concorde back then, could fly more than two thousand kilometres in an hour, nowadays the planes even can’t even fly to one thousand, and the ones that can fly to one thousand don’t have a long enough range! “

  A crew member saw that she was a bit angry, and hurriedly stepped forward and respectfully said, “British Lord calm down, this part of our voyage is really too far, even if we have Concorde airliners it is still very difficult to handle, its maximum range is only five to six thousand kilometres, if we fly from Buenos Aires to Melbourne, the Concorde airliners can only fly half way there, and the middle of this is full of big oceans, and we also can’t find a suitable place to to land and refuel.”

  Wu Fiona waved her hand impatiently, signalling the other party not to bother her, she also knew that supersonic aircraft had many drawbacks, using that thing to fly ultra-long distance routes was just as devastating as using a new energy car to drive a long distance, so she did not say any more, but the boredom in her heart was still not solved.

  Just at this moment, the satellite phone in front of her suddenly rang.

  She lowered her head, looked at the three words “Parker” written on the phone, and immediately sat up straight, then she immediately picked up the phone, and asked in a cold voice: “Any news from the An family?”

  On the other end of the phone, Charlie wade’s sister-in-law Parker hurriedly said, “Reporting back to Lord Ying, my subordinate just got in touch with An Youyou.”

  Wu Fiona gritted her teeth, “They really didn’t die!”

  After saying that, she asked, “Did you find out any news?!”

  Parker respectfully said, “My subordinate called you just to report something to you.”

  Wu Fiona coldly spat out one word: “Speak!”

  Parker hurriedly and succinctly said, “An Youyou told me that the person who saved their family in Aurous Hill and the one who saved them in New York, when the same person!”

  ”What?!” Wu Fiona said offhandedly, “Is the news reliable?”

  Parker said, “An Youyou told me personally, there should be no mistake, in addition, An Youyou also told me, that person is in the long Shengbo appeared after the first time appeared, if he was half a step later, long Shengbo in the death before, I’m afraid that will be able to kill the An family people all …… “

  Wu Fiona said grimly, “It’s no longer useful to talk about this, the priority now is to figure out who that person really is!”

  Saying that, Wu Fiona then asked, “Have you asked An Youyou, if the other party went to save the An family members that day, did they say anything to Uncle Jaro?”

  ”There ……” Parker subconsciously said, and then fell into apprehension all of a sudden.

  He also didn’t know how to explain to Wu Fiona about the words that Charlie wade had left behind, fearing that Lord Ying was going to smite himself if he was unhappy.

  When Wu Fiona heard that he was a bit wary, she faintly said, “Don’t worry, whatever I ask you, you answer truthfully, and even if there are some offending words, I won’t pursue the matter.”

     Parker then breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “An Yo Yo said that that person knows the identity of Uncle Jaro and the existence of the Broken Clearance Society, and more importantly, he also knows your identity …… also said …… also said ……”

  As soon as Wu Fiona heard the topic led to herself, naturally she couldn’t wait to know the subsequent details, listening to the phone end half a day without movement, she coldly rebuked: “To say it faster, if you don’t want to say it, cut off your tongue later!”

  Once the other party heard this, he was apprehensive, and hurriedly said the words that Charlie wade wanted to convey to Wu Fiona, saying, “He said …… that he said he would personally cut your head off ……”

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