The Real Dragon Chapter 5816

  Charlie wade was somewhat caught off guard by the four people, and hurriedly said, “Several people don’t need to be so polite, just call me Charlie wade.”

  Saying that, he looked towards the old lady beside Ying Shan and asked curiously, “You must be Mrs Ying, right?”

  Ying Shan’s old companion folded her hands and said respectfully, “Back to Mr wade, I am Ying Shan’s lover, Mavin drey, Ying Shan had already given the Spring Recovery Pill bestowed by Mr wade last night, and I thank you for your blessings!”

  Just after the words were said, Mavin drey was about to kneel down.

  Charlie wade was about to go and stop her, but Ying Shan blocked between the two and respectfully said, “Mr wade, Miss said that if you don’t thank the grace piously, you will be folding your blessings ……”

  Charlie wade pursed his lips, wanting to say something, but held back.

  These four old men, although their ages added up to almost four hundred years old, in their hearts, they had always held Lin Wan’er’s words as a guiding principle.

  It was no exaggeration to say that Lin Wan’er was their life tutor, and whatever Lin Wan’er said, they believed and did.

  Therefore, if what they said was at odds with Lin Wan’er, then they definitely chose to listen to Lin Wan’er.

  Unable to do so, Charlie wade could only allow the old lady to kneel on the ground and pay her respects.

  Only after she got up did Charlie wade speak, “By the way, has Miss Lin come down yet?”

  Ying Shan said, “Mr wade, the young lady has orders, saying that when you come, please move to her separate courtyard first.”

  Charlie wade had thought that he was in a hurry, Lin Wan’er would come down directly and the two of them would go to the airport together, but he didn’t think that Lin Wan’er would want to let herself go up.

  However, he didn’t have any other thoughts or opinions, if Lin Wan Er let herself go up, then she would go up.

  Immediately, he wanted to arch his hand to the four of them, and took a step up to the top floor of the courtyard.

  At this time, Lin Wan’er was still making tea in the courtyard.

  Before Charlie wade even entered the door, he could smell the aroma of tea coming from the courtyard, gently knocking on the door, he heard Lin Wan’er’s voice coming out from the courtyard, “Sir, please come in.”

  Charlie wade pushed open the door, Lin Wan Er wearing a fat and large Gucci white t-shirt, with a pair of lv classic print shorts, feet stepped on a pair of Hermes leather slippers, more surprising is that her hair was ironed into a big wave, looks young and fashionable, but also with a few points of flattery.

  And this dressed Lin Wan Er, at this time is sitting in front of the cooker to cook tea, the picture makes Charlie wade feel a little out of place.

  At this time Charlie wade really some surprise, after all, Lin Wan Er in his impression, has always been a very classical beauty of the girl, even if it is wearing a school uniform or summer t-shirt, it is difficult to cover their own classical beauty, and now the image is completely different.

  Lin Wan’er saw Charlie wade’s face showing surprise, and couldn’t help but flirt: “Slave this dress, is it scaring Gongzi?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Indeed some didn’t understand, this doesn’t seem to be your style.”

  Lin Wan’er pursed her lips and smiled, while pouring tea for Charlie wade, she said, “After all, you are going out to show your face, it’s safer to make some disguises.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er added: “By the way, sir, I’ve asked someone to prepare a dress for sir, do you want to go and change it?”

  Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “And prepared it for me?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “This current look of Nu Jia is still very different from Gongzi, the two of us going out together, I’m afraid that it will make people feel a little mismatched.”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Listen to people and eat your fill, since Miss Lin has prepared it all for me, I’ll change into it.”

  Lin Wan’er’s pretty face blushed and said shyly, “Sir, please follow your slave inside.”

  Charlie wade followed Lin Wan’er into the room, Lin Wan’er then took a shopping bag from the table and handed it to Charlie wade, and softly asked, “Do you need your slave to serve you to change?”

  Charlie wade was startled and quickly waved his hand, “No, no, I’ll do it myself!”

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