The Real Dragon Chapter 5829

  Besides, if something really happened, he was afraid that it would be difficult for him to protect Lin Wan Er.

  Lin Wan Er also seemed to know what Charlie wade was thinking, she took the lead and said with a smile, “Don’t worry my dear, there are very few gales in Diannan, and it’s even rarer here, what’s more, the weather is so sunny now, and we’re only staying for one night, so there definitely won’t be any gale, and even if the gale comes, it won’t be able to blow us.”

  Charlie wade didn’t expect that Lin Wan’er would not give up this immature idea, so he deliberately said, “Let’s do it this way baby, let’s go down the mountain first, and then discuss exactly what to do on the way.”

  ”Good!” Lin Wan’er nodded contentedly, holding Charlie wade’s arm, said intimately, “Then we have to hurry up Oh, I’m afraid there’s no suitable good place if we’re late!”

  The two of them turned around and descended down the mountain, and only after there was no one around them, did Charlie wade open his mouth and said, “Miss Lin, what you said just now, it can’t be serious, right?”

  Lin Wan Er said in a serious manner, “Call it baby! The topic was too heavy just now, I forgot about it.”

  Charlie wade had no choice but to say, “Baby, do you really want to camp there just now at night?”

  ”Right!” Lin Wan’er said very seriously, “I think that Wu Fiona will definitely not even dream of it when the time comes, and I’ll be mingling just a few dozen metres away from her.”

  Charlie wade smacked his lips, “In case she discovers that I have the scent of aura on me, wouldn’t she be throwing herself into a trap?”

  Lin Wan’er asked him, “Isn’t the heart technique that Uncle Calivet taught you useful? At the Ten Thousand Willows Villa, didn’t she rely on this heart technique to make sure you never found her?”

  Charlie wade said, “The heart technique does work, it can lock the aura in the body without leaking it out, but I don’t know if it will be detected by Wu Fiona.”

  ”It’s fine.” Lin Wan’er said very firmly, “I believe that although Wu Fiona’s strength is a little stronger than my dear, it is certainly not possible to surpass you dear by several levels, since Uncle Calivet was able to conceal himself from you with this trick, then you will definitely be able to conceal yourself from Wu Fiona with this trick!”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er added, “The risk is definitely there, but I think this will instead be able to come under a lamp in front of Wu Fiona!”

  ”She came to Huaxia this time, she must be very cautious herself, although I don’t have a grasp of aura, I do understand some of the basics, with such a precious energy, it’s impossible for her to keep consuming it recklessly and sensing her surroundings non-stop at all times;”

  ”What’s more, once a person uses aura to search for someone else, that would be the same as him also exposing his cultivation and location, she is now most likely suspecting that her secret opponent’s strength is above her own, so she will definitely be more cautious than the average person, and according to the Laws of the Dark Forest, no one dares to expose themselves in such a situation, so my dear, I surmise that Wu Fiona will definitely not discover you.”

  After saying that, Lin Wan Er added, “Don’t forget that there are so many other camping enthusiasts with us, Wu Fiona came here and saw a group of young people camping here, how could she possibly get suspicious? What reason would she have to be suspicious?”

  Charlie wade was shocked by what he heard and couldn’t help but ask, “That …… baby ah, can I ask you a question?”

  Lin Wan Er smiled and said, “Honey you ask.”

  Charlie wade seriously asked, “Have you been so pugnacious for so many years?”

  ”It’s not ……” Lin Wan’er said seriously, “I used to be desperately avoiding Wu Fiona all the time, and Wu Fiona also knows that she has a crushing advantage in front of me, so for the past three hundred years, she has taken all the initiative .”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er turned her words around and added, “But this time is different, this time she knows that the enemy in the dark has an even greater advantage than her, so she will definitely be more cautious, and since she’s become cautious, then our guts will be able to be bigger!”