The Real Dragon Chapter 5833

Faced with the invitation from the young man known as “Old Hu”, Charlie wade readily agreed and said with a smile, “Since that’s the case, then we won’t be polite to you!”

  Old Hu laughed, “Why? You mustn’t be polite, we are all friends from all over the world, taking care of each other is also the fine tradition of our donkey friends.”

  With that, he asked Charlie wade, “Buddy, what’s your name?”

  Charlie wade was about to speak, when Lin Wan’er, who was on the side, said with a smile, “My boyfriend’s surname is Lin, his name is Lin Charlie, so everyone can just call him Charlie!”

  Charlie wade froze as he listened, he probably understood Lin Wan’er’s idea, after all, he was going to wait for Wu Fiona here, whether it was the two words Charlie wade or the three words Lin Wan’er, Wu Fiona would definitely not be unfamiliar with them, so it was better to not use his real name as much as possible.

  However, he didn’t expect that Lin Wan’er would even give herself a fake name of “Lin Chen”, and even a nickname of A Chen.

  In his heart, he thought: “Ah Chen? Why does this name sound like a barber.”

  At this time, Lin Wan’er said to the crowd again, “My surname is Wade, my first name is Wade Xiaowan, everyone can just call me Wade.”

  The crowd nodded their heads, and that old man Hu smiled and said, “Ah Charlie, Wade, welcome to your temporary joining our ‘Yunnan Wanderer’ family, we are all here to hike in Yunnan, and we all basically didn’t know each other before, it was in the process of hiking that we got to know each other, and companioned to this point. “

  Said, he also introduced himself, “My name is Hu Boutin, the meaning of joyful, just this name sounds a bit feminine, so friends who know me, I let them directly call me old Hu.”

  Afterwards, he gently wrapped his arms around the girl who had previously been openly asking for a bonfire party, and introduced, “This is my girlfriend Nancy Talisman, a senior student at Tsinghua, we met on this hike, and then got together.”

  After Hu Boutin introduced everyone one by one, he volunteered, “Charlie, I don’t see you like to come out hiking and camping often, why don’t I help you guys set up the tent first!”

  Charlie wade thanked, “Thanks mate, I’ll just get it myself later, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

  Hu Boutin said seriously, “Feel free to say anything, don’t be polite!”

  Charlie wade nodded his head and thanked him, and was more or less ashamed in his heart.

  Because only he himself knew that these people treated him as a casual friend, while he needed to use them to provide a cover for himself and Lin Wan’er, which was more or less not very decent.

  Young people who were enthusiastic about the outdoors were generally very outgoing and open, basically the kind of social cattle attributes pulling all the stops, and each and every one of these young people was very enthusiastic about Charlie wade and Lin Wan’er, so they all quickly chatted in a heated manner.

  Hu Boutin was a great leader in this group of people, and it was obvious that everyone trusted him, Charlie wade saw that he didn’t look too old, so he asked him curiously, “Old Hu, are you a student or are you already working?”

  Hu Boutin nodded and said, “I’m still a student, I studied in the United States before, I’m a Chinese American, this is not a summer holiday, so I thought of going back to my country to do some hiking, and enjoy the great mountains and rivers of my country.”

  Said Hu Boutin and said, “We are basically in the school college students, I and Jekel, Trent are studying in the United States, Nancy, Xiaobo, three of them are Tsinghua, Haipeng and Lijun is Peking University, there are some in the United Kingdom and Canada to study, you two?”

  Charlie wade casually said, “We are high school classmates, when we went to high school, we were just focusing on the object, and we didn’t study well, and as a result, we didn’t get into any university, and then we went to Yanjing to find a private pheasant university that doesn’t need to be scored to mix for two years, and didn’t mix until graduation.”

  Lin Wan’er grudgingly looked at Charlie wade, the heart indignant protested: “Gongzi this sentence, slave these years dozens of hundreds of degrees is considered a white test ……”