The Real Dragon Chapter 5861

  Since Erlang Mountain had become Tanrio Group’s asset, it was definitely not easy for outsiders to get in, and since Charlie wade was bringing Lin Wan’er to pay homage to her parents, sneaking in always felt a bit inappropriate.

The security guard asked Charlie wade with a curious face: “What’s your name? Which unit? We didn’t receive a visitor’s notice today.”

Charlie wade smiled, “I came from East China, I heard about your Tanrio Group for a long time, and I also want to do a tea business, so I came over to pay a visit.”

The security guard shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, we can’t just enter here without an appointment, even the city leaders have to make an appointment in advance when they come.”

Charlie wade asked with some curiosity, “Master, why is your management here so strict? It’s like a classified unit.”

The security guard said with a serious face, “I’ll tell you, the entire tea area of Tanrio Mountain, it’s all business secrets! Especially the tea king at the top of the mountain, there have been no shortage of bad people thinking about it over the years!”

Said, he described in colourful voice: “Just last month, we also caught two small Japanese, they slipped in to steal our tea king’s branches back to grafting breeding, just close to let us catch, was beaten into a pig’s head, from then on, we inside three steps a post, five steps a sentry, the top of the tea king, 24-hour security guards, no dead-end monitoring, the top is also covered with Nylon net, not even a bird is allowed to fall!”

Charlie wade couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

If you look at it this way, openly on not go, sneaking is not easy, after all, here is everywhere security, there is no dead-end monitoring, they sneak up will also be found, can not be all the way to break into the up, right?

The security guard see Charlie wade also does not look like malicious bad guys, then spoke: “young man I tell you, we are only tea planting base here, there is the basic processing of tea, the real leaders are not here in the office, you really want to talk about co-operation, go to the city of Poole, there is a Tanrio building in the city, that is our headquarters, you talk about co-operation have to go over there to make an appointment, if that side arranged for you to visit here, will naturally inform you to visit here, naturally you will inform us.”

Lin Wan’er, who was beside her, looked a little downcast, but still gently tugged on Charlie wade’s coat corner, and opened her mouth, “Why don’t we go to Poole first to find them to talk about the group.”

Charlie wade also knew that this situation was afraid that it would not be easy to get in, so he could only think long term, so he nodded and said to the security guard, “Then I’ll go downtown first, thank you Master.”

The security guard waved his hand, “You are welcome, you guys go slowly.”

Charlie wade made a U-turn in place, and was ready to return to the city, at the same time, he couldn’t help but grumble to himself, “I should have known that I should first understand the specifics of the downtown area of Poole, and went to find that Tanrio Group to have a chat first, and now that I’m rushing back to the city, I reckon that they should be off work, so that the fastest thing I can do is to wait until tomorrow.”