The Real Dragon Chapter 5868

The secretary’s words left both Loc Tanrio and his son Loc Perry dumbfounded as they listened.

  They had naturally heard of the great name of the Banks Group, after all, the Banks Family was still, on the surface, the most powerful family in China, and was definitely a ceiling-level existence in the country.

  On the contrary, Tanrio Group, although called the group, but now even a GEM can not be mixed, not to mention in Diannan row a name, in the city of Poole, is barely a well-known enterprises.

  Even in their dreams, the father and son did not dare to think that they would be acquired by such a top family as the Banks Group.

  After all, everyone’s segment difference is too much, Bank’s group assets, super Tanrio Group thousand times are more than enough.

  Therefore, Loc Tanrio face unbelievable asked his secretary said: “You are not joking with me right? Bank’s Group wants to talk to us about acquisition?”

  The secretary said with an aggrieved face, “Chairman, how could I be joking with you! She did say so on the phone, and also said that if you have a convenient time and are really interested, you should make an appointment for a video conference to chat about it.”

  Loc Tanrio and his son, Loc Perry, looked at each other and then opened his mouth to ask his son, “Youfeng, what do you think?”

  Loc Perry shot up without thinking, “Fraud! It must be a telecommunication fraud! Damn it, this gang of scammers from the north of Maine is really detestable! The scamming techniques are getting more and more professional! In the past, they used to impersonate company leaders to trick accountants into transferring money, but now they’ve fucking started to play the merger and acquisition scam!”

  Saying that, he cursed angrily, “Dad, you said this gang, why can’t they design the plot details properly? Posing as a takeover this idea is indeed quite good, is the details are too not in place, you say you at least pretend to be a giant group of companies in the same industry, we can also believe him a three to five percent, he came directly to a Banks Group, the people as a fool this is, why does he not directly pretend to be Elon Musk it?”

  Loc Tanrio froze, feeling that his son had a point.

  He then rubbed his temples and said to his secretary in annoyance, “Call the police.”

  The secretary said awkwardly, “Chairman, people didn’t say anything, they just identified themselves and said that if you are interested in being acquired, we will make an appointment for a video conference, if I call the police, how can I tell the police ah ……”

  Loc Tanrio waved his hand, “Then ignore him!”

  The secretary did not know what to do at once.

  Seeing that he hadn’t left yet, Loc Tanrio couldn’t help but question, “What are you still doing here? Go out and get busy with your business!”

  The secretary coughed twice and stammered, “That …… chairman …… I feel that this matter is not like a fraudster, people speak very professionally, the gang of fraudulent phone calls in the north of Myanmar are a bunch of illiterate people who can’t read a few words and can’t mix a hot meal in the country. Can’t mix hot rice to eat illiterate, speak certainly not that kind of professional style ……”

  Said, he bone courage asked: “Chairman, people say about a video conference, we should not try? Anyway, just show your face, can’t lose, can’t be fooled ……”

  Loc Tanrio asked him in return, “I ask you, what do you think Banks Group acquires us? Or the secretary! Do you know what the secretary of the board of directors?”

  The secretary nodded his head and said in an aggrieved manner, “I know ah, am I not the board secretary chairman ……”

  Loc Tanrio said in exasperation: “You’re a secretary of the board of directors is a water goods, I’m the chairman of the board of directors are water goods, let alone you? But people Banks Group, that is what level? Bank’s Group’s director secretary, that has to be specialised in serving the chairman of Bank’s Group, the head of the Banks Family!”

  Saying that, he added: “Think about it yourself, under what circumstances would it be the Bank’s Group’s director’s secretary who would call us and say that he wants to acquire us? It would have to be personally authorised by the chairman of the Banks Group, the Banks Family Head, for her to call us! You’ve read “Kangxi’s Private Visit”, right? If San De Zi in it went out to the palace to do some work, what he did must have been what the Emperor had told him to do, so do you think the chairman of the Banks Group would want to acquire us out of the blue?”