The Real Dragon Chapter 5876

In Jonah Chuck’s eyes, Charlie wade and Lin Wan’er were his goddesses of fortune, and since they wanted to go up the mountain, of course he had to fully co-operate.

  So, he immediately said to the two of them, “Two VIPs wait a moment, I’ll gather some manpower and bring more lighting equipment to accompany you up!”

  Charlie wade waved his hand and said, “No need, we are still in the stage of secret inspection, we don’t want to leak the news, you don’t need to arrange it deliberately, let the other people should be off from work, should rest and take a break, all the staffs and on-duty security guards on Tanrio Mountain should be withdrawn, and in addition, let the security guards deactivate all the surveillance on Tanrio Mountain, the two of us will go up to have a look, we will just go up and have a look. “

  To be placed in the past, someone put forward such a request, Jonah Chuck absolutely will not agree, Erlang Mountain on the mother tree, although it is not considered to be the best Pu’er tea tree, but at least it is also the more famous Diannan boundary, but also the core competitiveness of the entire Tanrio Group, in case of being stolen by the branch to go back to the grafting and breeding, that Tanrio Group, it is a great threat to the Tanrio Group.

  But now Jonah Chuck also do not need to consider this layer, as long as serve the two in front of you, tomorrow the contract is signed, the entire Tanrio Group is Banks’s group’s industry, Erlang Mountain on the mother tree, naturally became Banks’s group’s assets, what else do you have to worry about?

  So, he immediately agreed dryly and smiled, “Two of you wait a moment, I’ll arrange it down here!”

  Soon, the security guards who were on 24-hour duty on Erlang Mountain to guard the mother tree were removed.

  All the surveillance on Erlang Mountain was also cut off from the power supply.

  After doing all this, Jonah Chuck said attentively, “The two of you may not know much about Tanrio Mountain, and it may not be very convenient to go to the mountain at night like this without a guide, why don’t I accompany the two of you up?”

  Charlie wade exchanged glances with Lin Wan Er, seeing that Lin Wan Er seemed to be reluctant, he said to Jonah Chuck, “No need for that Factory Director Jonah, we have already understood the situation of Tanrio Group before, and the situation of Tanrio Mountain has also been understood, it’s hard for you to maintain the situation under the mountain, and don’t let anyone except us go up the mountain.”

  Jonah Chuck said without hesitation, “No problem, no problem! The two of you feel free to go up the mountain, I’ll arrange the rest!”

  Jonah Chuck took two strong torches for Charlie wade and Lin Wan’er, and brought the two of them to the intersection of the mountain, and then did not follow them up the mountain.

  Charlie wade and Lin Wan’er went all the way up the mountain, and along the way, they did not find any other people’s traces, and all the surveillance probes had indeed been disconnected.

  As Erlang Mountain had been in the hands of Tanrio Group for many years, Tanrio Group had repaired the entire Erlang Mountain into a layer by layer terrace pattern, with each layer regulated to plant a large number of tea trees.

  In addition, Tanrio Group also built a stone step road up the mountain here, as well as a special freight ropeway used to transport fresh tea.

  When it comes to the tea harvest season, the workers will walk up the mountain to pick, after picking a certain number of tea leaves on each layer, the tea leaves will be centralised and transported to the bottom of the mountain for processing through the cableway.

  On the way up the mountain, Lin Wan’er would often pick a leaf from the tea tree at hand and put it in her mouth to chew gently. Interesting Corner

  Seeing her taste it all the way, Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the quality of these tea leaves?”

  Lin Wan’er smiled slightly and said to Charlie wade, “The tea here, the higher up you go the better the quality, but the overall standard is still quite poor, not up to a very high quality, but it seems that all the new teas nowadays have this problem, over the years, the good Pu’er teas that I’ve drank, apart from the ones that were produced by the Mother of Pu’er Tea in the first place, the rest of them are all tea cakes with a history of more than a hundred years, without exception , the new teas that have come out in recent years are actually not very good.”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er added: “Slave thought, this should also have an inseparable relationship with the development of science and technology, the previous tea tree, in any case, can’t grow to be so dense now, in other words, the current tea varieties, the output is at least three times more than the previous;”

  ”Moreover, the tea leaves in the past, also can’t grow to such a good quality, nowadays, each piece of tea leaves, each piece of tea leaves are very plump, colour and lustre are also very good, what’s even more impressive is that it can control the pests very well, so the finished product rate is also very high, the growth was originally more, and the damage is less, so the overall production is too much stronger than in ancient times.”