The Real Dragon Chapter 5884

  When the two of them stood still, the centre of the lightning and black clouds was already hanging above the bare yellow land.

  Right at this moment, a bowl-thick thunderbolt descended from the black clouds, splitting straight onto the yellow land.

  In a flash, the sky suddenly and instantly lit up like day, and the sound of that one thunderbolt was so loud that it was as if it was detonating tonnes of explosives in the ears, deafening.

  And as this lightning descended, the black clouds that had been accumulating for a long time, instantly descended into a downpour of rain, and the rain connected from the sky to the ground in a line.

  Charlie wade and Lin Wan had nowhere to dodge, and in an instant, they were completely drenched by the rainwater from top to bottom.

  Lin Wan Er did not care that she was already soaked to the skin, and took a step towards the piece of yellow land where the Mother of Pu Cha had failed to cross the threshold.

  Charlie wade was caught off guard by her move and shouted, “Danger, don’t go over there!”

  With that, he went to chase Lin Wan Er back.

  However, Lin Wan’er did not flinch at all, and while running recklessly, she said to Charlie wade, “My lord, I feel her!”

  Charlie wade subconsciously asked, “Feel who? The Mother of Pu Cha?”

  ”Yes!” Lin Wan’er’s voice was tinged with trembling as she said repeatedly, “It’s her! It must be her! She’s come alive!”

  Charlie wade was puzzled in his heart, he really couldn’t figure out how a tea tree that had failed to cross the threshold hundreds of years ago could still come back to life.

  However, right now, that black cloud had stopped the lightning and thunder, and all that was left was just pouring rain, and in that black cloud, there was no longer any thunder and lightning, so it was thought that it had already sounded a retreat.

  Seeing that there was no risk of lightning strikes, Charlie wade did not pull Lin Wan’er back either, but followed her and came to that yellow land.

  At this time, the yellow land was already muddy by the rain, Lin Wan’er kept wiping the rainwater in front of her eyes and on her face with both hands, while looking around carefully, as if she was looking for something.

  Charlie wade also looked around, but on this yellow land, apart from the rain and mud, he could not see anything else at all.

  So he asked Lin Wan Er, “Miss Lin, where did you feel the Mother of Pu Cha from?”

  Lin Wan Er stared at the ground and exclaimed, “This is it!”

  After saying that, Lin Wan’er pointed to the centre of the yellow earth and shouted in excitement, “Look, Gongzi!”

  Charlie wade followed the direction of her finger and immediately saw a scene that he had never seen before in his life.

  In the yellow soil washed away by the torrential rain, a small, tender green sprout had actually tenaciously drilled out of the muddy soil against the torrential rain.

  Moreover, the growth speed of this shoot, as if watching a delayed photography of a condensed video of more than ten days, this shoot from the soil after drilling out, it will be visible to the naked eye speed, rapid growth, in the blink of an eye, from one or two centimetres in height, grew to seven or eight centimetres, and the original one rolled, not yet the size of a fingernail shoot, but also quickly grew to the size of a thumb.

  Immediately after that, the end of that shoot drew out a new shoot the size of a needle tip, and that shoot also grew larger at the same extremely fast speed.

  Charlie wade looked dumbfounded, while Lin Wan’er on the side looked ecstatic, and even subconsciously knelt on the ground, using her body to block the rain for the shoot.

  The bud quickly grew into a seedling, and in just a few minutes, it grew from a few centimetres to about twenty centimetres high, and the previous two leaves gradually increased to more than ten, and even drew out three new branches.

  Right at this moment, the torrential rain suddenly came to an abrupt end, and the black clouds in the sky also continued to rapidly collapse towards the centre, and in less than half a minute, it had disappeared.

  The bright moon and the sky full of stars appeared above the heavenly pool once again, what was even more bizarre was that the yellow land had clearly become a piece of mud in the torrential rain just now, but at this moment, all the rainwater seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

  And the water on Charlie wade and Lin Wan Er’s bodies, surprisingly, also hours without a trace, the clothes on the two people were dry and crisp, and there was no trace of being wet by the rain at all.

  Everything was back to the way it was when Charlie wade and Lin Wan Er first arrived here.

  The only difference was that in the centre of the bare yellow soil, there was a delicate seedling that emitted a faint tea fragrance ……