The Real Dragon Chapter 5891

  Isaac Cameron did not enquire about the reason and said without hesitation, “Okay young master, I know!”

  Originally, Charlie wade did not intend to return to Aurous Hill so hastily.

  He had originally thought that he would let Wu Fiona go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains first, and he would accompany Lin Wan’er to stay in Diannan for two more days.

  After all, she had lived here since she was a child, but she hadn’t come back for more than three hundred years, and this kind of homesickness was something that other people simply couldn’t understand or appreciate.

  When Wu Fiona almost left from the hundred thousand mountains, he and Lin Wan’er back to Aurous Hill, until after Aurous Hill, and then look for Sun Zhidong to help, using his connections and background, will Wu Fiona arrived in China after all the surveillance video all out, then will be able to review her approximate route.

  When the route is reviewed, he will immediately go to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains and retrace Wu Fiona’s route to see if he can make any gains.

  But now, suddenly out of a Pu tea mother, Charlie wade also do not dare to let her own growth in this, so can only first dig her away, bring back to Aurous Hill to let Lin Wan Er properly settled in her top floor of the compound.

  It just so happens that he can also take this opportunity to review the current surveillance information first, to see if he can feel out Wu Fiona’s route.

  After Lin Wan’er had settled the mother of Pu Cha and he had sorted out Wu Fiona’s route, he would go directly from Aurous Hill to the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

  The intelligent Lin Wan Er had already guessed Charlie wade’s next plans and arrangements as she listened to his conversation with Isaac Cameron from the sidelines.

  Thus, she asked Charlie wade, “When Gongzi goes to the Hundred Thousand Mountains then, can he take my slave with him?”

  Charlie wade said, “The Hundred Thousand Great Mountains are mostly a no man’s land even now, Miss Lin is afraid that it would be very unsafe if she goes there with me.”

  Lin Wan’er pursed her lips and whispered, “Your Excellency is thinking that your slave will be dragging your feet, right?”

  ”It’s not ……” Charlie wade said in relief, “I just think that it’s really not suitable for you, a girl, to go to such a dangerous and primitive place.”

  Lin Wan’er seriously said, “If my slave is with you, as long as you don’t have a head-on conflict with Wu Fiona, I think that you will definitely be able to protect my slave safely.”

  Said, Lin Wan Er also said: “truth be told, my father once told my slave, Master Gong’s retreat place array complex, heavy organs, if not know how to people, that is, a lifetime is also very difficult to find his old man’s retreat cave, although Gong Zi has excellent talent, but this kind of array thing is ever-changing, Gong Zi if you can take my slave with you, I may also be able to contribute to Gong Zi. .”

  Charlie wade naturally understood this.

  Taking Lin Wan Er with him would be the same as taking a super think tank, not only was she smart, but she was also very knowledgeable, many things he himself might not be able to see through the subtleties of them at all, but Lin Wan Er might be able to see through them at a glance.

  Only, Lin Wan Er has no hands, and is a physiological age always stays at seventeen years old weak girl, the depths of the 100,000 mountains is comparable to the primitive forest, she is a girl to follow the past, I am afraid to eat a lot of suffering.

  Seeing Charlie wade’s hesitation, Lin Wan’er said very frankly: ”Your Excellency said before that Uncle Jaro had mentioned that your Excellency’s parents might have found the secret of longevity, and my slave feels that my slave’s father had once practiced under Master Gong in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, and your Excellency’s parents had once explored the mysteries that Master Gong had left behind in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, so my slave and your Excellency are the same, with the Hundred Thousand Mountains having a layer of destiny! In, slave want to accompany Gongzi together, also not only intended to help Gongzi share the worry, slave also want to take this opportunity, with my father’s spirit, and then go back to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains a trip, if we can find the place where he followed the master Gong cultivation in that year, also can be regarded as fulfilling one of his heart’s desires.”