The Real Dragon Chapter 5893

  Only Lin Wan’er knew all of Charlie wade’s secrets.

  Lin Wan’er was the same.

  For more than three hundred years, she had adopted countless orphans, but she had only confessed her secret of immortality to a small number of her most trusted ones, and apart from those children she had raised, she had not told her secret to any outsider, and Charlie wade was the first.

  Therefore, deep down, both of them regarded each other as confidants in the true sense of the word, and the only confidants at that.

  Since Banna was located in the southwest, the actual time of daybreak was an hour slower than in the eastern region, so the two of them chatted until nearly seven o’clock before the sky finally gradually brightened up.

  At this time, Charlie wade’s life experience of just over twenty years had already been told, while Lin Wan’er had just reached the beginning of the 20th century.

  Seeing that the sky had already brightened up, Lin Wan’er said to Charlie wade, “My lord, we should almost leave, right?”

  Charlie wade nodded and said, “You haven’t told us in detail about your experience of being ambushed by Wu Fiona on Hong Kong Island at that time and escaping from death.”

  Lin Wan’er laughed, “If you want to hear it, I’ll just slowly tell you the details after I return.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade stretched his waist and spoke, “It’s almost time to go to the airport.”

  After saying that, he pointed at the Mother of Pu Tea and said, “Miss Lin, you have experience in tea tree cultivation, you come and dig out the Mother of Pu Tea.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and was about to dig out the Mother of Pu Tea with her bare hands, but just as she stretched out her hand, she suddenly stopped and exclaimed, “Look, my lord! The leaves picked last night have already grown!”

  ”Is that so?” While Charlie wade was puzzled, he fixed his eyes on it, and indeed found that the two places that he had pulled off yesterday had now grown two extremely fresh and even dewy young leaves.

  Charlie wade couldn’t help but marvel: “This speed can be fast enough, I didn’t even realise that she had quietly grown the leaves out!”

  Lin Wan’er was also very surprised and said, “It’s not uncommon to pick the leaves and grow them back, but it’s really rare to see them grow out so quickly, it seems that the vitality of this Mother of Pucha is really tenacious.”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “With this speed of her repair, even if she were to jack off all of her leaves, it wouldn’t be long before she would definitely be able to recover as before.”

  Lin Wan’er said quietly, “Gongzi shouldn’t think about her leaves anymore for the time being, how can we let her grow again.”

  Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “Don’t worry, Miss Lin, I won’t do everything I can.”

  Lin Wan’er stretched out her hands and carefully peeled away the yellow soil around the Mother of Pu Cha, digging out her roots the size of a volleyball along with the soil wrapped around them.

  After digging it out, she immediately used the mineral water that she had brought along with her to wet the ball of dirt that was intertwined with the root whiskers, and then she said to Charlie wade, “My lord, let’s hurry up and go.”

  ”Good!” Charlie wade agreed, and this time he didn’t take the camping equipment from before, and together with Lin Wan’er, he returned to the parking spot with the Mother of Pucha.

  After getting into the car, Lin Wan’er wrapped the root part of the Mother of Pu Cha in a plastic bag and carefully placed it at her feet before she said to Charlie wade, “Gongzi is ready.”

  Charlie wade was about to start the car when he suddenly saw an old man in his sixties walking out of the village carrying the head out.

  Seeing an off-road vehicle parked at the head of the village, the old man was a little puzzled and his eyes kept staring at the vehicle.

  Charlie wade lowered the car window at this time and opened his mouth to ask him, “Grandpa, we are the staff of the meteorological department, may I ask if you heard the sound of thunder and rain last night?”

  ”What thunder and rain?” The old man said with dissatisfaction, “Your weather department doesn’t know if it’s raining or not? Why do you have to come and ask me?”

  Charlie wade laughed: “It’s like this grandpa, yesterday we played the rain booster cannon, at that time we did hear thunder, so this early in the morning I rushed over to ask about last night’s rain, I don’t know if you heard it or not?”

  The old man waved his hand, “No.”

  Charlie wade asked him, “Could it be that you didn’t hear it?”

  The old man said indignantly, “I wake up seven or eight times a night, my next door neighbour can wake me up with a fart, can I not hear thunder?”

  Said the old man added: “I just hope it will rain soon, it hasn’t rained for more than a month, and the water level of the Tianchi has gone down quite a bit!”

  Charlie wade nodded, and quickly said, “Then let’s go back and reflect with the leaders, and see if we can arrange another round of artificial rainfall in a hurry.”

  The old man ignored him and stepped away.

  Charlie wade closed the car window and said to Lin Wan’er who was beside him, “It seems that it is indeed an illusion, maybe that illusion is only valid for you and me.”

  •   ”It should be.” Lin Wan’er nodded, but her brows stayed slightly furrowed without stretching.