The Real Dragon Chapter 5901

Doubtful, Wu Fiona took a step towards the inner stone room.

  Originally, Meng Changsheng’s stone room only had this one external room.

  Back then, Meng Changsheng had already begun his second five hundred years of cultivation, and had long since realised that he had already opened up the valley, meditating and cultivating all day long without the need to sleep, eat, or go to the toilet.

  After bringing Wu Fiona and Lin Yingru back to the cave, Meng Changsheng used his sword to open up two bedrooms for the two of them, as well as a dining kitchen and toilet.

  In order for his own cultivation not to be disturbed, Meng Changsheng opened another stone room for himself to use for his own cultivation and meditation.

  Thus, there were five more stone rooms here.

  Wu Fiona looked through the first four stone rooms and when she came to the location of the fifth stone room, there was no trace of the fifth stone room here.

  The original entrance to the fifth stone room had turned into a smooth and unmarked stone wall.

  Wu Fiona while touching the smooth stone wall, while opening his mouth to say: “Master, when you are approaching the end of the year, will be my brother and I called here to consign the aftermath, I was in a hurry to say a few words from the bottom of my heart, you will be my brother and I drove out, since then, you this stone room disappeared, when I cultivation weak, can not yet distinguish this is the blindfold method or the great power of the gods! ……”

  Said, Wu Fiona drew a silk ribbon from the waist, wrist flick, the ribbon instantly became hard and straight, like a long sword made of silk.

  This long sword was Wu Fiona’s magic weapon.

  At this moment, the blade of that long sword emitted a resonating low sound, Wu Fiona pointed her sword at the stone wall, clenched her teeth, and said in a cold voice: “Today, I will break your cave, and see if you are or are not playing a trick!”

  After saying that, Wu Fiona converged her spiritual qi into her sword blade, the surging spiritual qi instantly transformed into an overpowering attack, and in a flash, she chopped towards the smooth stone wall.

  Today’s Wu Fiona was no longer the same Wu Fiona who had been driven out by Meng Changsheng that day.

  The current her had successfully opened her Mud Pill Palace, and compared to back then, her strength was more than a hundred times stronger!

  Back then, Meng Changsheng was able to use his sword to cut out several stone chambers in the mountains with his sword, today’s Wu Fiona also had this confidence that she could completely destroy this stone wall!

  Wu Fiona swung his sword towards the stone wall with full confidence, he thought that he could easily split the stone wall, but he didn’t expect that the moment the tip of the sword chopped towards the stone wall, the stone wall seemed to be suddenly wrapped by a powerful force, so that Wu Fiona’s sword tip just touched the stone wall, it was bounced back on the spot!

  The extremely strong rebound force, several times more than the amount of Spiritual Qi Wu Fiona used when chopping at the stone wall, shook Wu Fiona’s sword out for a moment, and Wu Fiona’s own arm was in severe pain, unable to lift it up at all.

  At this instant, Wu Fiona was horrified in her heart!

  She didn’t expect that this stone wall, which didn’t seem to have any mysteries, would still have such a powerful force!

  Unable to hide her horror, she couldn’t help but ask herself in her heart, “Could this be a formation left behind by her master?!”

  Thinking of this, she hurriedly and respectfully said in a loud voice, “Master! Disciple Wu Fiona has returned to visit you, Master!”

  After saying that, Wu Fiona looked around vigilantly, wanting to see if anything had changed.

  But to her disappointment, everything around her remained the same, and there was no abnormality to be seen.

  She suspiciously thought in the dark, “That old thing’s thousand years of Yang life has come to an end, dead is definitely dead, the probability is that this place is a formation he left behind to prevent others from finding his stone room and discovering the corpse he left behind after his great end!”