The Real Dragon Chapter 5975

Seeing Charlie wade’s stern expression and the murderous aura in his eyes, the black man immediately trembled in fear.

At this moment, he didn’t doubt Charlie wade’s warning, if he didn’t swallow the bullet obediently as he said, he would definitely kill himself.

However, at the thought of swallowing the bullet into his stomach, his heart was also terrified.

Swallowing it in was simple, pulling it out, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be that easy.

At a certain moment, he thought about whether to use the name of the burning angel to scare Charlie wade, or like most of the people on the road, each other on a plate, to see if Charlie wade can give face, once the other side feels face is satisfied, we can start from the beginning of the sword, gradually turn the war into peace, and finally drink a few glasses of wine down, then the five lakes and the four corners of the world are all brothers.

This situation is not only common in China, in the United States is also very common, the key lies in whether it can just hit the other side of the point of satisfaction.

However, the words of peace came to his lips, and he did not dare to say it.

Just received a few slaps from Charlie wade, feel the bones in his face are going to be broken by Charlie wade, his own painstakingly begged for forgiveness are useless, this time if more mouth to beg for peace, I am afraid to continue to be beaten.

Just when he did not know what to do, a follower beside him thought with him.

So that follower then gathered courage to speak: “This gentleman, today this matter is probably a misunderstanding, our burning angels are not unreasonable people, you give our burning angels a face, we can take you to meet with our boss, we can talk and talk and talk, in the future may be able to become a friend, or even become a partner, why would you want to cause such a stalemate in the relationship between the two sides? Why do we have to make our relationship so difficult?”

The man saw his own follower said his own thoughts, and quickly nodded with excitement and said: “Yes, yes, sir, you see, you know kung fu, you can fight and also have the courage, our Burning Angels have people and turf, if we can reach a co-operation, we will be able to kill the four directions, don’t you think so?”

Charlie wade looked at the black man and smiled, saying, “This little brother of yours is quite resourceful, he still knows how to think of ways to turn enemies into friends.”

That black man nodded repeatedly, “Yes yes yes 。。。。。。 He has always been very smart 。。。。。。”

Charlie wade laughed, “You have such a resourceful little brother to speak for you, if I don’t sell him some face, I am indeed sorry for his intelligence.”

When the man heard this, he was instantly so excited that he was on the verge of crying.

In his heart, he thought that Charlie wade was really prepared to let himself off the hook!

Although this beating is really bad, but at least do not have to swallow bullets so outrageous, as long as they can escape today, go back to tell the boss about this matter, what to do, that are all bullshit, must seize the opportunity to kill him, to revenge today’s revenge.

Just when he thought that Charlie wade would let himself go, and was full of longing for ten times a hundred times revenge on Charlie wade, Charlie wade suddenly opened his mouth and said, “You used to beg God for forgiveness, and God may not forgive you, but you begged me for forgiveness today, and I will give you my forgiveness, do you want to give it a try?”

The man was instantly excited and hurriedly said, “I want to! I will! Honourable sir, I, Will Johnson, implore your forgiveness!”

After saying that, he looked at Charlie wade with an expectant face, waiting for his forgiveness to come.

Charlie wade looked at him, smiled faintly, and said in a loud voice, “These bullets, swallowing them raw really isn’t that easy, so I’m giving you my forgiveness now!”

After saying that, he directly pinched the bullet in his hand, using his middle and ring fingers to pinch the shell, and then using his thumb and forefinger to pinch the bullet head, he then pushed it with force, and several people were dumbfounded to find that the bullet’s head, was actually pushed out completely from the shell by Charlie wade with two fingers easily!

They were all gang members, dealing with guns all year round, and had usually tried to dismantle the slugs of bullets, but the connection between the slugs and the casings on the standard bullets was very strong and stable, so if they wanted to dismantle them they would have to use professional equipment, or at least twist them in a vise for half a day.