The Real Dragon Chapter 5999

  Saying that, Charlie wade pointed to Antonio who was walking in from the distance as well as Aman Ramovich, and spoke, “Your father invited Aman Ramovich to come to the house as a guest, he should be hitting on you, right?”

  Julia looked at Charlie wade with some surprise and asked offhandedly, “How did you …… you know?”

  Charlie wade blandly said, “I still have some understanding of this person, Aman Ramovich, he seems to have been looking around for a wife recently, it’s hard to believe that your father is planning to marry you off to him?”

  Julia’s expression instantly became extremely unnatural, and she stammered, “These are not things you need to worry about, you’d better think about how to leave alive from here today!”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Don’t worry, in half an hour, I’ll make your father kneel down to send me out of this door.”

  Julia was already completely speechless to Charlie wade, although her heart was not bad, but as the daughter of the Zandar family, she had also seen too much life and death killings for a long time, so for Charlie wade’s performance of this kind of making a great deal of death, she also lost the patience to continue to speak kindly, and then said in a cold voice: “I’ve already said what I should have said, if you are still bent on death, you can only pray for your own good fortune. “

  Julia’s words just fell, Antonio with Aman Ramovich has come close, Antonio did not notice Charlie wade at first, his attention is on his daughter Julia’s body, and the side of Aman Ramovich is also the same, eyes always look at Julia up and down, can see that he is very satisfied with Julia.

  Antonio came to Julia’s front and hurriedly said, “Julia, quickly greet Mr Amanlamovich!”

  Julia said expressionlessly, “I don’t know any Aman Ramovich, I’m leaving here now, please don’t stop me.”

  Antonio’s expression instantly became very ugly, he fiercely glared at Julia, then turned to Aman Ramovich and said, “I’m sorry Mr Aman Ramovich, Julia’s temper is a bit eccentric, plus she’s not familiar with you, she might be a bit rebellious, please don’t mind.”

  Aman Ramovich looked at Julia’s youthful and beautiful appearance, smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, these are all small matters, I appreciate Miss Julia’s straightforward character.”

  Antonio sighed in relief and hurriedly said to Julia again, “Look! It’s still Mr Amaramovic who has a high enough pattern and doesn’t see eye to eye with you, don’t be quick to thank Mr Amaramovic!”

  Julia frowned and asked, “Why should I thank him?”

  Antonio was furious and angrily rebuked, “Julia! Don’t be so uneducated in front of Mr Amaramovich! You forgot what I told you, don’t forget you are a Sicilian girl!”

  Julia stubbornly turned her head to the side, and suddenly saw Charlie wade, her heart softened, so she said to Antonio: “You want me to have a better attitude and behave more cultured, right?”

  ”Of course!” Antonio said seriously, “Always remember that you represent the Zandar family!”

  ”Good!” Julia nodded, pointed at Charlie wade who was not far away and spoke,”I’ll keep my upbringing as good as I can if you release him and stay out of his way!”

  Antonio followed Julia’s finger before he saw Charlie wade’s smiling face.

  The moment he saw Charlie wade, he instantly became furious and snapped, “Didn’t I tell you guys to bring him down and finish him off? Why is he still here?!”

  As soon as these words came out, Amaramovich also subconsciously looked towards Charlie wade, and when he saw Charlie wade’s face with a teasing look, his entire pupils instantly shrunk, and his expression immediately became terrified!

  He subconsciously asked, “Wade …… Mr Wade, why are you here!”

  Charlie wade smiled and spoke, “It’s been a long time, Mr Amaramovich.”

  When these words came out, Antonio was completely dumbfounded.

  He tentatively asked Aman Ramovich, “Mr Aman Ramovich, do you …… you know this person?”