The Real Dragon Chapter 6018

  He hurriedly apologised in fear and trepidation, “I’m sorry Mr. Wade, I also heard rumours from the outside world, please be generous and don’t be general with me ……”

  Charlie wade smiled, “If I were to be common sense with you, I would have learnt your tactics long ago and let Antonio finish you off.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade looked at Antonio and asked him, “Antonio, I’ll make you an offer, if you’re willing to take out Aman Ramovich, I’ll let you stay in New York and continue to run the Zandar family, what do you think?”

  Once Antonio heard this, he completely didn’t care if what Charlie wade said was true or false, the whole person said offhandedly without half a moment’s hesitation, “Mr Wade! As long as you give me a gun, I will now beat Aman Ramovich’s head into a hornet’s nest!”

  Aman Ramovich’s face immediately turned white.

  He didn’t know if Charlie wade really had this intention, after all, he had moved to kill someone with a borrowed knife a few hours ago, wanting to take Antonio’s hand to finish off Charlie wade, if Charlie wade also did the same thing in his own way, then he would definitely die in Antonio’s hands.

  Charlie wade saw Aman Ramovich’s face of fear, so he smiled and said, “You don’t need to be so scared, I’ve already said that I won’t see eye to eye with you.”

  Aman Ramovich was relieved, at this moment, he already didn’t care at all whether he was going to Syria or Afghanistan, as long as he could stay alive, he was willing to go anywhere.

  Charlie wade looked at him and said seriously, “Aman Ramovich, you are not the same as those gang bosses upstairs, and this Antonio who came out of Sicily, they are all little shrimps that can’t get on the stage, but you are an oligarch after all, I think that when you were young, you should also be courageous and resourceful, it’s just that in these past two years, you have gotten older, and you have gradually been swept away by the beauty of the world. “

  Amaramovic lowered his head in shame.

  He also realised early that he had planted himself in Charlie wade’s hands twice, both because of women.

  However, he was not really obsessed by the sight of colour, but mainly because both times, apart from women, he also had some other ideas.

  He wanted to win the respect he deserved in Western Europe, that’s why he wanted to marry Helena, and he wanted to quickly establish himself in New York, that’s why he wanted to marry Antonio’s family.

  In the end, it was the times that forced him to do so.

  It wasn’t true that he was an oligarch, but it was also true that he was ostracised in Western Europe and North America because of his identity and background.

  What was the use of being rich alone? Although he can live in the best house in the UK, even a three year old child in the UK would dare to abuse himself and tell him to get out of the UK in front of the TV cameras.

  Just when he was feeling disillusioned with his life, Charlie wade spoke again, “Amaramovic, Eastern and Western Europe are not suitable for you, Europe and America are even less suitable for you, but you can look for the next direction of development in your life in Syria, I will ask Hamid to focus on you at that time, and if you can gain his appreciation, you might be able to find a new goal in life in Syria. “

  In Charlie wade’s opinion, Hamid was from a grassroots background, and so was Amaramovic.

  Hamid had made a name for himself by the barrel of a gun, and Aman Ramovich had created an oligarchic legend of his own by relying on his brains.

  If these two can reach a co-operation, they will surely be able to get very positive results.

  Of course, Aman Ramovich might not fancy Hamid’s acreage, but right now he had no other choice, Charlie wade would forcefully pull down his expectations, allowing him to treat Hamid as a new opportunity in his life.

  It’s like finding a date for a rich man with high eyes, he wants tall, skinny, beautiful, big, tender, tight, willful, pure.

  But none of this mattered to Charlie wade, he would use his means to compress this rich man’s requirements from a whole bunch of have-nots, in one step, to just one, live and let live.